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Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side…But Not If Cutting Customer Engagement Costs Is The Goal

Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side…But Not If Cutting Customer Engagement Costs Is The Goal

Time: Noun. 1. A measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. 2. The enemy of cutting customer engagement costs.

When it comes to the value produced by implementing Glance’s visual engagement solutions, our customers’ experience indicates bottom-line results that show reduced customer engagement costs. Results like these typical:

  • 14% reduction in handling times
  • 18% increased first call resolution
  • 10% reduction in future support calls

On another level, The Aberdeen Group has linked the adoption of Visual Engagement solutions to a 9.5x lift in customer retention and an 81% increase in annual company revenue.

In general customer service research studies almost half of respondents claim to have switched from one business to another because of bad service experiences (unhelpful or rude staff, inability to get answers, being kept on hold for too long). This churn carries a huge cost, and is one of the motivators that has caused customer service teams to shift to use instant chat, social media and online solutions.

With so much online communication going on, it raises the question: what is the cost savings effect of adding a visual collaboration component to the basic online customer engagement paradigm? More specifically, is there a simple way to get a handle on how dramatically cobrowsing can reduce customer engagement costs?

As a matter of fact, yes there is.

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Tick, tick, tick Goes the Clock…and the Meter.

We can use three simple lines of questioning to get a ball-park estimate of how much customer engagement costs can be trimmed by adding Cobrowse capability to help agents collaborate with, and solve issues for, customers in less clock time.

  1. How many agents are there in your call center?
    This is an easy question, with just a couple of caveats. We want to count the number of FTEs in your call center staff, so if there are part-time agents or agents that do job-splitting, normalize your number to FTE agents.
  2. How many calls per month do your agents handle?
    By “calls” we mean online sessions conducted by your agents for the purpose of guiding, advising, educating, answering questions, and so on.
  3. Consider the group of typical questions and clarifications agents are forced to go through with customers in order to collaborate on activities involving the computer or device screen. How much clock time is spent (on average) to ask, receive a response, and move to the next step when each of these exchanges occur:
    • “Are you logged in right now?”
    • “What page are you on right now?”
    • “Do you see the form that says…”
    • “Please choose the option that says…”
    • “So, what are you seeing now?”
    • “Are you still on the page that says…”
    • “Could you please enter the following…”
    • “Could you read that back to me?”
    • “Can you send me a screenshot?”

No need to set up a spreadsheet—we’ve put together a simple Visual Engagement Business Impact Calculator that quantifies the time consumed by these activities and projects the customer engagement costs that can be saved by putting cobrowsing technology in place for your whole customer service staff.

Time Is Money. So It’s Time for Glance.

By instantly connecting agents to customers, Cobrowse reduces the number of clock ticks consumed by online interactions. Agents and customers are instantly placed on the same page to collaborate as naturally as if they were sitting next to each other. Working together more quickly and in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation optimizes agent productivity while promoting higher customer satisfaction.

It’s time to let Glance visual engagement solutions drive cost savings, greater customer loyalty and increased competitive advantage for your company.

Read more: To learn more about the ROI of visual engagement solutions, download the free Forrester report: Visual Engagement Drives Relationships and Revenue or…Forrester Visual Engagement

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