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Visual Solutions

Expedite Knowledge Transfer Between Participants

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when assisting customers with complex, online interactions. Boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (cSAT) Score, Customer Effort Score (CES), first-contact resolution rates, and even sales conversions with our award-winning visual engagement solutions. Glance brings cobrowse, screen share, mobile app sharing and agent video together into an intelligent, cloud-based platform to instantly, visually connect with customers through a real-time, interactive view of content, regardless of where it resides.

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Clarify Conversations

Clarify Conversations

Get on the same page quickly for a more relevant and meaningful experience.

Work Together

Work Together

Guide conversations, annotate, and collaborate as if you were in the same room.

Provide Positive Experiences

Provide Positive Experiences

Resolve questions quickly and easily, helping customers get on with their day.

See how it works

Watch the demo to see how Glance’s integrated cobrowse, screen share, and one-way agent video works in enterprise environments.

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Visual Engagement Solutions

Integrated cobrowse, screen share, mobile app sharing, and agent video provides a frictionless way to visually engage with online customers—securely and instantaneously—anywhere, anytime, and across any device. The permissions-based design allows you to leverage the functionality that makes sense for each department while giving you the flexibility to adapt as your customer experience initiatives evolve. Expedite knowledge transfer between participants as you visually connect with a real-time, interactive view of content regardless of where it resides—within a browser, in the cloud, on a desktop, or on a mobile device.

Humanize the conversation with Glance.

Glance Cobrowse

Glance Cobrowse

Collaborate with your customers while they’re on your web site, seeing exactly what they see in their browser. With nothing to download or install, agents and customers can use Glance Cobrowse to explore together regardless of device or browser type. Guide the conversation with annotations while permissions-based access and security masking protects sensitive data. Enhanced cobrowsing features extend the experience even further and include:

  • One-click connect cobrowse
  • Third-party cobrowse
  • Cross-domain cobrowse
  • Trusted advisor cobrowse
  • PDF supported cobrowse
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Glance Screen Share

Glance Screen Share

Instantly present to your customers or view your customer’s desktop, browser, and/or documents for presentations, demos, technical support, and more. Glance Screen Share is simple, reliable, and highly secure. Customers don’t need to download or install plugins or apps to see your screen. Remote control functionality and on-screen annotation help in collaborative or break/fix sharing scenarios. Glance Screen Share session data can be pushed into your CRM or customer support application to help accurately track key business metrics.

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Mobile App Share

Glance Mobile App Sharing

Enable your service agent to join an in-app sharing session with the user of your mobile app. The agent can instantly see the screen of the mobile app user, immediately understand where the user is stuck, talk to the user, and guide the user to a solution. The Glance Mobile App Sharing SDK lets you build and embed Glance functionality into your native mobile app.

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Glance Agent Video

Build trust, confidence, credibility, and rapport with customers through one-way Glance Agent Video. By leveraging onboard or external cameras, agents can easily provide a view of themselves throughout the interaction regardless of their location. Glance Agent Video is simple to embed in any application and supports any browser. Great for customer service, technical support, and even sales — a smiling face on video can go a long way in providing a great customer experience and a faster resolution.

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Visual Engagement: The ROI of Customer Experience Excellence

Discover new research from Aberdeen about how to use visual engagement to achieve quick and significant ROI.

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Glance Visual Engagement Solutions in Action

The team at Glance has a track record of proven results with smart businesses like you who envision a better way to engage customers and prospects online, visually and instantaneously, without compromising privacy.

Unleash the Potential

The Glance visual engagement platform can stand alone, but the true power comes from combination of Glance plus voice, chat, CRM, and customer service applications. Our API library, pre-built integrations, and extensive partnerships help you realize a true omni-channel experience to surprise and delight your customers.




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See how Glance can transform customer engagement

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