Real human connections in your digital space.

See how Glance visual engagement creates customers for life and value across the enterprise.

Glance Platform

The Glance Visual Engagement Platform:

Sharing and collaboration technologies tailored to transform your enterprise

Glance’s cloud-based visual engagement technologies work together like one of those rare highly-functional families.

Glance uses best-in-class patented technologies and our two decades of expertise to develop for you a visual engagement solution that lets you see, show or share anything, in the moment, with digitally connected customers or prospects.

Partner Integrations

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRMs.

Plus our open API enables integration with any CRM, agent desktop, or contact center tech. Your agents launch sharing sessions with 1 click, and sharing sessions are automatically logged in your CRM for measuring impact on KPIs.

When TurboTax users have a question, Intuit service agents and tax experts use Glance to join them in the app for an interactive tax consultation.

Axos Bank uses Glance to improve CSAT for customers using online banking

Bankers use Glance to “cobrowse” with customers in the Axos online banking app, guiding them to complete online transactions like bill payments, fund transfers, and applications for other bank products like mortgages and personal loans.

  • Online banking support
  • Real-time on-screen guidance
  • Premium customer experience
  • Guide the customer to complete transactions

Visual engagement breakeven in under six months. 396% ROI after 3 years.

  • Shorter average handle time
  • Lower call center staffing costs
  • Higher first call resolution
  • Higher customer loyalty and lifetime revenue

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See how Glance enables real human connections in your digital space

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