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Visual Engagement Builds Sales for SaaS Organizations

A sales team depends on demos in order to transform prospects into customers. However, not every demo can be done in person, in particular when you’re talking about sales for SaaS companies. That’s where visual engagement solutions come in handy.

As the winner of the 2017 SalesTech Award for Most Innovative SalesTech Company, we at Glance fully understand the challenges that sales teams face. Glance’s visual engagement solutions enable companies to deliver a truly amazing customer experience, allowing sales agents and their customers and prospects to work online together, sharing a view as if they were sitting side by side. With no download, business can create stronger, deeper customer relationships at the click of a button, while masking any sensitive data from view.

ConstructConnect has discovered this first-hand. Using Glance’s visual engagement solutions, the business has:

  • Reduced sales cycles by 60%
  • Improved lead conversion rates by 40%
  • Increased volume of demos to new leads by 66%

Visual Engagement Builds Sales for SaaS Organizations - Glance Networks Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video

The ConstructConnect visual engagement story

ConstructConnect, headquartered in a suburb of Atlanta, is a leading information provider to the construction industry. The company delivers targeted and timely project information, cost data, and market intelligence that simplifies decision-making for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals throughout North America.

The company has implemented Glance for Salesforce, enabling reps to launch demos from within the Salesforce customer relationship management system (CRM). Participants are connected with one click, in just seconds. All activity is automatically recorded, with no action necessary by the reps. ConstructConnect sales managers can easily access:

  • Reports regarding number of demos per rep
  • Reports on average demo length
  • Impact of demos on conversion rates

Glance visual engagement brings hard and soft returns

In addition to the hard ROI numbers mentioned above, other benefits include:

  • Reducing inside sales cost-per-close by improving the lead conversion rate
  • Reducing the marketing cost-per-close
  • Reducing the costs associated with its former demo system

All in all, ConstructConnect estimates that it achieved payback on its investment in Glance for Salesforce in just four months.

Sales for SaaS grow quickly with visual engagement

Adding visual engagement solutions is a great way for Sales for SaaS to grow! Ready to read the complete success story of this amazing SaaS business? Check out the details here.

Are you ready to see how Glance can improve customer engagement, increase sales, and improve the bottom line for your own company?

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Glance helps enterprise organizations create the ultimate customer experience with smart, omni-channel visual engagement solutions based around integrated cobrowse, screen share, and one-way agent video. We are one of the world’s simplest, most reliable and secure platforms that enable companies to see, show and share anything online, creating a frictionless path to great experiences in sales, support and customer service. The result is improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue growth and operational savings. From financial services and healthcare to retail and travel and leisure, even the most advanced technology and SaaS organizations – we transform the customer experience for today’s business. Learn More »





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