How To Make SaaS Customer Support Outstanding

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In a SaaS company, providing great support is the key to your growth and success.

The role of customer support is to accompany customers during their journey and respond to all of their needs. Support in a SaaS company starts with prospects and continues with current users. It is therefore about more than just understanding the functionality of the product, solving the bugs, and handling technical issues.

Helping prospects

When SaaS prospects visit your website, they generally start out on the self-service path. They check out the website and videos, but then they will start to have questions. Many will go to the FAQ page to find the answer to basic questions, and if you’ve done a good job they will be satisfied.

But what if prospects don’t find an answer to their question? That’s when live service becomes a necessity.

To make sure that prospects have access to instant contact, it is useful to have live chat, phone, and visual engagement options available. Human-to-human contact reduces customer frustration and enables your business to deliver a good customer experience.

Moreover, live engagement helps you learn more about your prospects, including discovering their business needs and problems. The more you know about your prospects, the easier it becomes to develop a demo that meets their specific needs. Just yesterday, for example, a Saleswings client had questions about how our lead scoring system works. Thanks to our live engagement options, we were able to interact with the client, resolve his doubts and suggest scheduling a demo. This led to him to test out our free trial.

Improving onboarding

Once a prospect is ready to move from a trial to a buying phase, you need to be prepared to offer live support as well – even if you are a SaaS company. During the on-boarding process, you will need to be there for your customers, often walking them through all the steps from signup to activation to training, in order to decrease the drop off rate.

Glance visual engagement solutions can help in supporting clients through cobrowse, screen sharing, and agent video. With Glance solutions, SaaS customer support employees can see exactly where customers are and what they are doing. Guiding customers through on-boarding processes provides an opportunity to enable customers learn how to handle processes for themselves from the get-go, reducing future support calls and increasing customer empowerment.

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Providing excellent customer service

The work for SaaS customer service employees doesn’t end with onboarding. Churn rate is a constant threat.

The first step in assuring your customers will remain with you is to monitor what your users are doing and learn where they are failing and succeeding in the application. Software such as Kissmetrics can be used to help with behavioral analysis. The knowledge you can gain from this type of software gives SaaS companies the opportunity to find out about key problems without waiting for the customer to complain or get frustrated.

Regardless of your proactive improvements, however, situations in which customers need live assistance will inevitably arise. Here are four areas which companies can take advantage of in order to take SaaS customer support from average to outstanding.

1. SaaS customer support – assistance

First, there are three main reasons for a client to contact a SaaS customer support team member with an issue:

  • Bugs
  • Missing features
  • Confusing features

These three points represent more of an opportunity than a problem for the company. For instance, there is the opportunity to discover a glitch. There is also the opportunity to impress the client by solving the issue.

Take, for instance, the example of a bug. Every bug found gives your IT team the opportunity to solve the issue and ensure that no other customers experiences that problem.

In the example of a missing feature, depending on how many people request the feature, you can get new ideas for how the product can be developed. Ultimately, this will result in more than one happy customer.

Regarding confusing features, hearing from customers provides you with the opportunity to improve communication and make product expectations clear.

2. SaaS customer support – usage

Second, it is important to check if a customer is using the software. Indeed, a 2012 study by Totango found a “near-perfect correlation between non-use and cancelations: cancelations of software subscriptions were almost always preceded by a period of non-use.” For this reason, it is fundamental to discover why the customer is not using the product.

SaaS customer support should contact customers that are not using the product. Find out why usage is dropping off.

When you talk with customers that appear to be breaking away, make them an offer that encourages them to give you a second chance. This will give you the opportunity to understand the source problem and to find a solution.

3. SaaS customer support – education

Third, SaaS customer support teams should be available to educate customers. Educate them about new features, how to use the current solution to its maximum potential, and how to grow usage of the solution within their company.

You can supplement live contact with blog posts, emails, webinars, and/or YouTube videos. All of these combined will help your customers to get the most out of the product.

4. SaaS customer support – centralization

Lastly, regardless of the size of your company, it is important that customers understand that their questions will be handled by your customer support team, regardless of the means of contact.

In other words, SaaS companies have social networks, websites with live engagement options, use emails, and more. Ideally, you should centralize all communications from customers so that your SaaS customer support team can answer questions in the shortest possible time to a customer via the customer’s preferred channel. Tools such as Intercom allow you to concentrate communication in one place.

Great customer service is the key

In conclusion, outstanding SaaS customer support is key to running a successful business. While companies choose solutions partially based around features, studies have shown that many will pay more to have great customer service. Great customer support will increase revenue, customer loyalty, and your business reputation, making it vital to any SaaS company.

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