Glance Guided CX Solutions

Sharing & collaboration technologies tailored to transform your enterprise.

Glance uses best-in-class patented technologies and our two decades of expertise to tailor for you a cloud-based Guided CX solution with the same human element as an in-person interaction. Glance lets your sales rep, service rep, or trainer join the customer in your website or app, see their screen, and deliver human-to-human guidance.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

No need to “Rip & Replace”

Glance overlays your existing CRM or call center tech.

Glance Guided CX Solutions


Launching a Glance sharing session is as easy as pushing a button. No downloads. It just works!

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Enterprise Pedigree

Glance is production-proven for performance at scale in the world’s largest enterprises with the strictest security and privacy compliance requirements.

Glance Cobrowse

See what they’re seeing

Glance Cobrowse takes the guesswork out of browser-based interactions, allowing your agents to join customers in the browser page for support and guidance. Agents can see exactly what the customer is seeing, and agents can highlight elements on the screen to explain and guide navigation. It’s ideal for supporting websites, browser-based apps or digital transformation initiatives.

Glance Screen Share

Show them what they need to see.

Enable your agents to share anything that’s on their screen, in real-time – whether that’s a presentation or a demo – with no disruptive download or installation required of the customer.

Glance Mobile App Share

Help your mobile apps achieve business objectives.

Eliminate app churn and transaction abandonment by adding guided CX to your Android or iPhone app. Enable service and sales reps to join customers in your app, see what the customer sees, and deliver guidance and consultation.

Glance Video

A face is worth more than a thousand words.

Nothing says, “I’m here for you” better than the friendly face of your agent. Glance Video humanizes your digital interactions, dissolves away stress, builds trust, creates real human-to-human bonds, and drives measurably higher transaction conversion, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

No download


No downloads, no meeting links. Connect instantly, for in-the-moment collaboration.

Glance is focused on making digital engagement effortless, with tailored solutions and seamless integrations that make it easy for your agents, and easy for your customers.

Partner Integrations

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations.

Plus our open API enables integration with any CRM, agent desktop, or contact center tech. Your agents join customers in the app or website with the click of a single button. Glance sessions are automatically logged in your CRM for measuring positive impact on KPIs.

Built for enterprise security

Where other collaboration solutions fail, Glance passes enterprise security reviews with flying colors. Glance is PCI-1 compliant and is built to protect you from exposure to GDPR, PII, and HIPAA privacy regulations.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Glance Sets You Up for Success

At Glance, we believe that conducting business should be simple, collaborative, and visual. The same goes for tailoring and deploying our enterprise visual engagement solutions. Learn how the Glance Customer Success team supports your successful deployment.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Visually engage with and guide customers on any platform or device — effortlessly.

Engage with customers where they feel most comfortable. Are they using your Mac or Windows desktop software? Your website? Browser-based app? Native Android or iOS app? No problem! Glance supports any digital channel or platform with the same consistent user experience and agent experience. Meet customers wherever they are in their digital customer journey.

Metrigy eBook

Guided CX: Establish Convenient, Contextual Customer Experience That Drives Measurable Business Value

Download the eBook written by Metrigy Research Strategic Consulting and Advising to learn:

  • How Guided CX enables increased revenue.
  • How to enhance the customer experience with Guided CX.
  • Why visual engagement increases agent efficiency.
  • How to identify key situations that are ripe for Guided CX.

Case Studies


ConstructConnect used Glance to build a sales process with a better pipeline

‘; delivers premium customer care with Glance


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance

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