Glance Networks Helps Insurance Providers Personalize Customer Engagement

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Insurance providers have a high level of competition. When it comes to protecting your customers’ valuable property and possessions, supporting each policyholder with a higher level of personal interaction can set an insurance provider apart from the pack.

One US-based insurer in the collectibles space connects clients with agents over 80,000 times each month. To enrich the relationship with each valued caller, this insurance provider’s customer service team committed itself to delivering the best possible online service experience. With that in mind, the team turned to Glance Networks for cobrowsing solutions to transform the quality of customer engagement.

Glance Networks Helps Insurance Providers Personalize Customer Engagement

Insurance providers win on customer experience

Cobrowsing technology from Glance raised the effectiveness and efficiency of online interactions with valued customers. Glance Cobrowse offers a novel way for insurance providers to get on the same (web) page as their customers. When they become stuck or have questions about how best to proceed at any point in the process, they can effortlessly give agents permission to see the actual screen they are looking at, with no software or app downloads required. No invasive system sharing, either—just instant, relevant collaboration.

“We’re committed to giving people a superior online customer experience,” says the insurance provider’s customer service manager. “We don’t want them having to explain what they see on their screen.”

Reducing the amount of back-and-forth required to get productive lifts both the collector’s happiness and the agent’s efficiency. Many Internet users can’t or won’t install a piece of code or an app on their device in order to improve the online service experience, so Glance Cobrowse doesn’t require users to download anything. With cobrowsing, agents can see and move around within the customer’s browser window to provide guidance and assistance. It’s a simple, organic way to achieve success and improve customer engagement.

When it comes to insurance, security is key

Privacy protection is important in any market, but especially when it comes to anything having to do with money. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of sensitive data is critical. That’s why Glance’s architectural choices reflect our mission to deliver an effortless visual engagement solution that is both reliable and secure. Glance Cobrowse minimizes attack surfaces and NEVER captures, transfers, or stores personally identifiable information (PII).

Clients are often surprised to find that agents can help them without having access to anything more than the browser window that holds the customer interface. Providing outstanding helpfulness in a way that is completely respectful of personal information security is a big win.

Show, don’t tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when assisting customers with complex, online interactions. With Glance Cobrowse, both customer and agent effort are minimized as insurance organizations instantly, visually connect with customers through a real-time, interactive view of content, regardless of where it resides.

As one policyholder observes, “It’s better to show, not tell, what you need to do. It reduces the guesswork.”

Glance cobrowsing raises agent productivity and customer satisfaction, while making everyone feel like part of a team cooperating to solve a problem. And that “double win” is one way to set a leader apart from the pack.

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