How Mobile Can Boost Customer Experience

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Mobile first is a priority of most top businesses. Blake Morgan, a customer experience expert, insists that businesses need to expend at least half of their energy and time on mobile experience in order to stay competitive. That’s because mobile has become rapidly integrated into our lives with the average consumer spending 3 hours and 8 minutes on their mobiles doing activities other than voice calls.

How Mobile Can Boost Customer Experience - Glance Networks

For businesses who want to take customer experience seriously, the focus needs to be on mobile. Here’s what to look at.

Improve customer support on mobile

As more and more customers do research and make purchases via mobile, it only makes sense that they’ll also need customer support via mobile as well.

In fact, 63 percent of American consumers use their mobile for customer support “at least several times per month.” Smartphones are equipped to offer various kinds of support including:

  • Texting. According to a survey by Ovum, the top reasons that customers like to use text for customer service are: 1) it’s faster than other channels, 2) it’s more convenient than calling a customer service center, 3) it’s less frustrating than placing a call to the company and 4) it allows them to request for the company to call or text them back.
  • Social media. The most important thing about customer service on this channel is offering a quick response. 42% of consumers expect to hear back within an hour. In fact, speed is crucial on social, with customers being twice as likely to recommend a brand whose response was quick but ineffective over a brand that provided them with a slow but effective response.
  • Live chat. 56 percent of millennials prefer live chat over a voice call for customer service. One of the biggest benefits of live chat is that it offers agents historical information on customer purchases and previous communications, preventing repeat questions and leading to a quicker and more effective solution.

Empower customers with self-service on mobile

Most customers try to find the answer to their question themselves before reaching out to a customer service agent. They prefer to be able to help themselves than to spend the time and effort to contact someone else. The easier you can make it for them to find those answers, the better their experience will be with your brand.

Mobiles with their touchscreens and small sizes can be a challenge when it comes to searching for FAQs, photos, pricing, product descriptions and other essential information.

Making sure that customers can find everything they’re looking for on their mobile should be a priority for your business. Otherwise, you run a risk of losing customers to brands who have tackled mobile optimization. Be sure to:

  • Include a complete navigation menu on your mobile landing page.
  • Display complete text on the landing page, not text that’s cut off by the screen size.
  • Give clear clues where to click.
  • Allow images to load quickly by decreasing the file size instead of displaying distorted, cropped or resized images.

And if they can’t find what they need, make sure customers have access to great live customer support options.

Make use of big data with mobile apps

Mobile apps are ideal for enhancing customer experience. They give your customers a one-stop experience where they can make in-app purchases, access special deals and get specialized customer support.

It’s also ideal for the business who can use the app to collect important marketing data from the customer based on location, purchase history and demographics so that they can aim their marketing more strategically to enhance customer experience.

However, just having a mobile app isn’t enough. It’s important that your app offers what customers want, such as fast and secure access that uses things like thumbprint I.D. instead of a password. Evolution and innovation are also important.

Don’t let your app grow stagnant, stay on top of new trends and use research from your app to better understand your customers and what they want and make adjustments. For example, Vimeo decided to offer curated video content on their app which resulted in users spending four times more time on the app than on their mobile web browser.

What to think about next? Mobile payments

Enabling a form of mobile payment can be a big step in making your customer’s mobile experience more convenient. Mobile pay may still be a niche area, but it’s definitely where payment is headed in the near future.

For instance, Amazon is primed to pilot a revolutionary mobile pay concept with their Amazon Go store, a brick and mortar store where customers walk in, choose their purchases and walk out without having to wait in line to pay. Their purchases will be charged to their Amazon account through their mobile.

The bottom line is that if you’re not making mobile a big part of your customer service strategy, you’re going to quickly become obsolete.

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