Glance for Insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Manual, in-person, paper-based processes are moving to the browser or app. Your customers need help while learning these new processes for getting things done. Create real human connections in your digital space, to guide customers through new and complex processes, increase transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.

Online Claims

Online claims can be a customer service nightmare because the process is complex and the documentation grows explosively. Glance lets you join your customer in their browser or app, view what they are seeing, guide them as they navigate, and help them complete uploads, entries, submissions, and approvals.

Online Policy Management

Glance lets your service rep see the screen of the customer and guide them through their online account management and transactions. Glance is proven to improve the results of self-service initiatives by letting you guide and retrain customers to use new digital processes. Glance reduces operational service center costs and increases customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Advisory Selling

Glance is the first complete solution for transforming in-person consultations into digital meetings. Agents can launch sharing sessions with the click of a button to connect with customers on desktop or mobile devices. Present proposals and policy options. View the customer’s browser or app screen and guide them to complete transactions and update their policies.

Glance for SaaS

Training & Certification

Trainers can put the agent in the driver’s seat and guide them through the hands-on online training curriculum. People learn better when they do it themselves, rather than watching someone else do it. Glance improves online training and certification programs.

What our customers are saying

At Glance, we understand the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. Our customers are fantastic—and they think we’re fantastic too.

Agri-Services Agency (ASA) wants to offer customers the easiest way to access the services they need. Glance’s integrated cobrowse and screen share solution [enables] us to instantly connect with customers, simplify processes, and create a very positive experience. Customers can now resolve issues, discover new products, and get their questions answered with a single call, making them—and us—happy.
Bruce Lippert | Health Plan Analyst
With Glance, customers were just less likely to be aggressive. Just by nature of human behavior. Our agents can solve their problems easier, more efficiently. These two things really make our agents happier.

Contact Center Director | for a top 10 US healthcare insurance provider
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See the problem

Glance enables your representatives to instantly see what customers are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems and guide them to a speedy solution.

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Guide the solution

Your representative can highlight elements on the customer’s screen including text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls. Guide the customer and follow from page to page as the customer navigates the website or app.

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Build trust and empathy

Glance allows your reps to transform customer frustration into engagements that create long-lasting customer bonds. With Glance, the customer can even see the friendly face of your rep, humanizing your brand (optional).

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Present, demo, and consult

Glance can also show the rep’s screen to the customer — perfect for presenting proposals to close the sale or for delivering advisory services.

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Connect with one click — no download

With a simple click of a button your rep can launch a sharing session — no need for the customer to download any software. Glance is integrated with your existing CRM and contact center technology for a frictionless workflow and effortless user experience.

See Mobile Icon

Works on any desktop computer, any mobile device

Your rep can see the screen of users of your desktop software, website, browser based app, or native mobile app. Glance gives you a consistent rep and customer experience on every digital platform.

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Enterprise scalability and security

Glance is enterprise-proven in some of the largest companies and high-volume contact centers in the world. And Glance is engineered to comply with strict customer privacy and security requirements, perfect for financial services, healthcare, software, and insurance.

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