Digital transformation of the in-person consultation

With Glance, you can build a digital channel for connecting customers with your company’s experts and advisors. Consider it “expertise on-demand!” Someone is going to disrupt your market… shouldn’t it be you?

Deliver Expertise On-Demand

When your experts and advisors can conduct customer consulting sessions digitally, instead of by in-person meetings, everyone wins. Customers prefer the convenience of doing business digitally. And enterprises appreciate the scale and efficiency gains of digitally transformed business processes.

Higher revenue

Glance-enabled consulting sessions help you deepen customer relationships and grow revenue. Deliver fee-based consultation services via visual engagement. Grow your customer’s portfolio with advisory selling.

Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value

Offer your customers elegant, white-glove digital customer engagements that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

Efficiency gains from digital transformation

Glance “expertise on-demand” sessions can bring the same transformational efficiency gains experienced decades ago with online shopping and bill-paying. The time and technology is right for the digital transformation of in-person consulting!

Collaborate in your digital space

Glance lets your agent connect with the customer in your digital space. Whether the customer is on the website or in an app, Glance lets the agent instantly see what the customer is seeing, or show a presentation to the customer.

A face-to-face experience, online

With Glance Agent Video, the friendly face of your expert can appear on the customer’s screen via live video during the consultation. Agent Video is proven to build trust and drive higher customer satisfaction scores.

CRM integration for frictionless workflow and automatic activity logging

Glance is integrated with the CRM, so launching a visual engagement is as easy as clicking a button. And Glance sessions can be automatically logged as activities in the CRM, making it easy to track their impact on revenue, lifetime customer value, and agent performance.

Works with any method of digital connection

Glance delivers a consistent agent/customer experience across all your digital customer touchpoints: website, desktop app, browser app, or mobile app.

TurboTax delivers in-app tax consulting

See how TurboTax SmartLook (powered by Glance) allows certified tax experts to deliver paid tax consultations right in the app.

What our customers are saying

Just because you’re using digital technology doesn’t mean that the interaction has to be impersonal… Visual technology takes the human element leaps and bounds forward in the experience.
Stacie Herring | Director of Assisted Experience

Forrester analysis of Glance clients shows breakeven in 6 months, 396% ROI after 3 years.

  • Shorter average handle time
  • Lower call center staffing costs
  • Higher first call resolution
  • Higher customer loyalty and lifetime revenue

Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit

Glance empowers Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

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