Increase App Usage & Transactions

It turns out the most powerful thing you can build into your app is a human.

Many apps fail to achieve their business objectives because they lack in-app support functionality when users get stuck. Add Glance to your app and you’ll add the power of real human connections.

Increase App Usage & Transactions

When app users are able to connect with support agents, in the moment, within the app, the entire experience is transformed: Deeper and more sophisticated app usage; more in-app transactions; improved customer satisfaction.

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Higher transaction completion rate

Glance is proven to “rescue” transactions that otherwise would have been stalled or failed completely. When agents can visually engage with users at the right moment, more transactions reach completion.

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Higher user satisfaction

Glance helps you convert frustrated users into raving fans, building lifelong customer bonds. Service and support engagements that include Glance are proven to result in higher CSAT and NPS scores.

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Stickier users

Well-supported users are more likely to become “power users,” more likely to rate your app higher, and less likely to churn.

See where your app users are stuck

Instead of playing “The Game of 20 Questions” to learn where the user is stuck, agents can launch a sharing session and instantly see the user’s app screen.

Guide the solution

The agent can highlight text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls on the user’s screen. Agents can guide the user, and follow from page to page as the user navigates and completes transactions.

Security & privacy compliance

Protect customer privacy by masking from the agent’s view fields containing sensitive information. Sharing sessions are encrypted for security.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Works for any desktop, browser, or mobile app

Glance delivers a consistent user experience for the agent and the customer, regardless of which platform, device, or operating system the customer is using.

What our customers are saying

Leveraging Glance visual engagement has improved our overall brand image by improving our support offering. Glance helps us increase our customer’s confidence and ability to repeat the solution.
KC Duggan | Business Relationship Manager
For the past two years, TurboTax has used Glance’s cobrowse, screen share and agent video to help power TurboTax offerings. Last year we worked with Glance to develop similar functionality to deliver exceptional customer care to users of our native mobile apps. The results have exceeded our high expectations.
Atticus Tysen | Senior Vice President and Chief Information Office

Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance

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