Video: Glance *ALMOST* Provided Perfect Omnichannel Visual Engagement for Intuit

For years, Intuit TurboTax® has used Glance Cobrowse, Glance Screen Share, and Glance Agent Video to power TurboTax customer service and customer support offerings. The visual engagement solutions have driven shorter call handling times, higher customer support resolution rates, and higher customer satisfaction.

But there was a critical gap in coverage — unlike for users of TurboTax desktop and web-based apps, there was no ability for TurboTax native mobile app users to enjoy a visual in-app sharing session with service agents and tax experts to resolve problems and complete tax filings. Without support for native mobile apps, Glance was not quite providing perfect omnichannel visual engagement for Intuit.

Problem Solved: Announcing Glance Mobile App Sharing

Atticus Tysen, Intuit’s senior vice president and chief information officer, explains, “last year we worked with Glance to develop similar functionality to deliver exceptional customer care to users of our native mobile apps.” The visual engagement solution Glance developed for Intuit’s native mobile app, new Glance Mobile App Sharing, sailed through peak tax filing season this past April with no drama. “The results have exceeded our expectations.”

Native Mobile Apps: A Critical and Growing Customer Touchpoint

Native mobile apps are a large and fast-growing channel for enterprises to connect with customers. Gartner reports that 54% of enterprises are using native mobile software development kits (SDKs) for in-house mobile app development —  the single most popular mobile development platform measured in their recent survey. “Lack of support for native mobile apps has been a serious shortcoming of cobrowse and screen share providers,” notes Tom Martin, Glance CEO. “Glance is now the only true omnichannel visual engagement provider, supporting desktop apps for Windows and Mac, browser-based apps and websites on desktop and mobile, and now native mobile apps for Android and iOS.”

If your customer engagement strategy involves mobile apps, this addition to the Glance Visual Engagement Platform is major news!

Glance Mobile App Sharing Key Functionality:

  • See the user’s screen: Your agent can view the screen of the mobile app user to gain an instant understanding of where the user is stuck
  • Guide and gesture: Your agent can highlight navigation controls and guide user navigation
  • Agent voice: Glance can connect your agent and app user via voice, either by launching an in-app VoIP call or by invoking the device’s phone function
  • Agent video: One-way video (Glance Agent Video) can appear in-app, showing the mobile app user the empathetic face of your agent who is helping to solve problems
  • Embed via SDK: The Glance Mobile App Sharing SDK enables you to build and embed Glance functionality directly into your native mobile app
  • Integrate via API: Glance’s open API allows you to integrate Glance with your CRM, ITSM or call center system so agents can join a sharing session with the click of a button

To learn more about Glance Mobile App Sharing and to download the SDK, visit the web page or view the press release.