Glance Video

When it comes to CX, video chat is worth more than a thousand words.

Nothing says “I’m here for you” like a friendly face in a video chat. Glance powers video collaboration in your website or app to connect your customers or prospects with your teams – minus the time and overhead of video conferencing – for face-to-face online consultation and guidance, instantly.

Only Glance Video Delivers

Multi-way video collaboration

Complex digital engagements require team collaboration. A loan may have more than one borrower, another loan servicer, or other third-party advisors. Glance supports every option, from one-way video calls to multi-way video collaboration sessions.

Video chat with on-board equipment

Glance video leverages standard equipment already onboard your devices and readily available in your call centers. From mobile to desktop, with any operating system or browser, your customers – and your agents – can simply connect.

Video collaboration integrated with VOIP or SIP

Glance Video can be deployed with VOIP or SIP and routed through your existing system or call center platform. It’s built to work with your existing telephony for low cost and easy deployment.

Embed live video engagement into your app or website

Most online video collaboration makes customers download, install, and launch a video conferencing app: disrupting the journey and the brand experience. With Glance Video, embed face to face video chat inside your branded and secure website or app. Agents and customers can collaborate on video seamlessly – with just one click – improving customer satisfaction, revenue, trust, and lifetime loyalty.

Combine Glance Video with Glance Guided CX technology

Adding video chat to cobrowse and mobile app share enables video customer support, powering agent video calls for trusted consultations and expert advice. Switch easily to cobrowse or mobile app share and guide customers through a website or app. With video, contact center solutions are enhanced by human connections: improving selling, transactions, training, and support engagements.

Secure video collaboration from Glance supports privacy and compliance

Unlike third-party video meeting tools that may fail to comply with enterprise privacy and security policies, video collaboration from Glance is deployed in some of the world’s most restrictive environments for security and privacy. Leading global financial companies, insurance providers, tax and financial software companies, and government agencies trust Glance Video.

Human everywhere: cobrowse that connects

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations.

Prebuilt integrations and open APIs enable Glance to launch with just one click from any CRM, agent desktop, or contact center technology. Agents and customers join a cobrowse session easily, reducing friction during both the customer and the agent experience. And cobrowse session data is automatically logged in the integrated system to demonstrate the positive impact of cobrowse on KPIs.

Guided Customer Experience

More than Video Chat: the Glance Guided CX Solution

Glance Video puts a human face on digital customer experiences, offering the same human elements as in-person interactions. Glance Video adds loyalty-building humanity and empathy, diffusing tense interactions and building trust. Starting from any channel customers want, Glance Guided CX and Glance Video mean that customers are joined, digitally and literally, by the friendly face of your agents.

Add Glance Video to Cobrowse

When customers can see the friendly face of the agent during a cobrowse session, it can humanize your brand, diffuse tense interactions, and build trust.


Cobrowse or screenshare? With Glance, you don’t have to choose. Agents and customers can quickly and easily switch between cobrowse and screen share, with no downloads.


Provide the same cobrowse and video experiences in your mobile app. Enjoy the same security and PDF Cobrowse features and quickly launch mobile camera share to enhance support.

Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit

Glance empowers Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

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