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A face is worth more than a thousand words.

Nothing says “I’m here for you!” better than seeing the friendly face of your agent, sales rep, or service rep. Add Glance Video to your Guided Customer Experience to create real human-to-human bonds in your digital engagement. Deliver face-to-face digital consultation and guidance, driving measurably higher customer satisfaction, revenue, trust, and lifetime customer loyalty.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Embed live video engagement into your app or website

Bring the online meeting into your branded and secure app or website. 

3rd party online meeting tools are growing in popularity… but they force your customers and agents to leave your website or app and download, install, and launch a 3rd party collaboration app. This disrupts the customer journey and your branded customer experience. 3rd party video meeting tools may also fail to comply with your enterprise privacy and security policy

Glance Video is different. Glance lets you embed a video collaboration experience directly into your existing website or app. Joining a Glance Video session is an in-app, friction-free, on-brand experience for both the customer and the agent. Glance is engineered for data privacy and security, and collaboration is contained within the security and privacy envelope you’re already managing in your app or website.

Combine Glance Video with Glance Guided CX Technology

Glance Video is the perfect addition to Guided CX solutions like cobrowsing and mobile app sharing. Use Glance Video to establish a human-to-human connection and deliver expert consultation, then switch seamlessly to cobrowsing or mobile app sharing to guide the customer to complete digital transactions on your website or in your app.

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Build trust and humanize your digital customer experience

Glance literally puts a human face on the digital customer experience. 

With Glance, digital engagements can have the same human element as an in-person interaction.  When in-person interactions are not possible or practical, Glance Video adds loyalty-building humanity and empathy to your digital engagements. Glance Video is proven to diffuse tense interactions and build trust.

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Collaborate with the Team

Many complex digital engagements require team collaboration. For example, a digital lending customer journey may benefit from input from a co-borrower, a loan officer, a loan servicer, an appraiser, and other specialized advisors. Glance video can support this team dynamic by allowing multiple participants to join a video collaboration session.

Extend your vision using remote mobile cameras

Harness the mobile camera of connected customers or workers in the field to troubleshoot equipment remotely. Toggle the camera from front to back to consult and inspect. Learn more about mobile camera share applications of Glance Video.

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Easy to add to your tech stack and workflows

Glance Video is a cloud-based service that plugs into your existing app or website — no need to rebuild, rip, or replace. Add Glance to your mobile app with a lightweight SDK. Add Glance to your website or browser app with simple JavaScript code. And Glance integrates with your agent’s CRM, agent desktop, or CX platform via prepackaged integration or open API. 

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Enterprise-grade data security and privacy

Glance is deployed in some of the world’s most restrictive environments for security and privacy, including leading global financial companies, insurance providers, tax and financial software companies, and government agencies. The Glance service features encryption, enables masking of sensitive data, and never uses proxy servers.  

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VOIP or SIP integration

Glance Video can be deployed with VOIP or SIP and routed through your existing system or call center platform. Glance is built to work with your existing telephony technology for low cost and easy deployment.

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Leverages Standard Video Equipment

Glance Video leverages on-board video equipment or inexpensive external cameras readily available in your call center and in the device or computer of your customer.

Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit

Glance empowers Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

Beyond Video: The Glance Guided CX Product Portfolio

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Add Glance Video to Cobrowse

Glance Video allows your staff and customers to look one another eye-to-eye during complex browser-based digital journeys. Embed a video meeting right into your website, portal, or browser app. View the customer’s browser screen and follow along from page to page while you guide them through the transaction.

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Add Glance Video to Mobile App Share

Make your mobile app stand apart from the competition by adding robust human-to-human service, sales, and support capabilities. Glance Video allows your staff to appear in the app for a real face-to-face experience. See the customer’s app screen and follow along from screen to screen as you guide the customer to complete transactions.

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Multichannel Engagement

Deliver a consistent, premium visual engagement experience for agents and customers across all your digital customer touchpoints: browser, desktop, and mobile.

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