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Glance Agent Video

Build trust and rapport with customers with Glance Agent Video

In a perfect world, all digital customer engagement would have that human element of face-to-face interaction. For customer service, technical support, online training, and sales, a smiling face on video can go a long way in providing a great customer experience, faster resolution of service and support issues, and higher lifelong customer revenue. Glance Agent Video provides a real-time video chat experience for your customer or prospect, allowing them to see the face of the agent, trainer, or sales person with whom they are speaking.

Glance Agent Video Features

Real-time Video Connection

Real-time video of your agent’s face appears on-screen for the connected customer. The customer sees the agent’s face while they speak with the agent over a phone connection.

Works with your app or any Browser

Glance Agent Video is designed to be embedded via SDK or API into your desktop app, mobile app, website, or browser-based application.

Voice and Chat Interoperability

Complements Phone, Chat, Cobrowse, or Screen Share engagements

Glance Agent Video is typically used in conjunction with phone support featuring Cobrowse, Screen Share, or chat engagements.

Glance Intelligent Routing

Works With with your Call Center ICP

Glance Agent Video can work with your Intelligent Call Processing (ICP) system in the call center so the customer’s and agent’s voices are routed via the phone technology you already have in place.

Leverages Standard Video Equipment

Glance Agent Video leverages on-board video equipment already present in most laptops and monitors, or inexpensive external cameras.

Benefits of Glance Agent Video

Allow service, sales, and training agents to “get personal” with customers and prospects

Build trust and rapport

Establish long-lasting customer relationships

Humanize the customer experience

Humanizing the Digital Customer Experience

Glance Agent Video quite literally puts a human face on the digital customer experience. Our goal as a company, from top to bottom, is to humanize the customer experience online. We firmly believe this tool achieves that. Customer care doesn’t need to be a nameless and faceless exchange between the agent and the customer seeking support.

See how Intuit is using Glance Agent Video to boost trust and rapport between tax specialists and customers.

How – and why – can you humanize customer experience in a digital age? Watch this video to find out the answer.

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