Glance Unveils Advisory Services Program

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Emerging visual engagement solutions drive revenue and lifetime customer value

Arlington, MA, September 4, 2019 – Glance Networks (, a leading provider of visual engagement solutions that enable organizations to deepen customer relationships and transform inbound and outbound interactions into brand-building and revenue-generation opportunities, today introduced its Glance For Advisory Services Program, an initiative that educates businesses on new strategies for leveraging visual engagement technology to grow revenue and extend customer value. The program is geared for businesses that rely on delivering consultative services that are fee-based or designed to grow customer portfolio value. 

Glance Networks’ visual engagement solutions enable businesses to deliver a more personalized and responsive service to customers through cobrowse, screen share, and video engagement. Glance offers a cloud-based collaboration platform that is secure and compliant with the strictest customer privacy policies. Glance technology can be embedded in a client’s website, browser-based app, mobile app, or desktop app. It is easy to deploy, and can be integrated with leading enterprise CRM and contact center platforms, enabling agents to initiate a sharing session with a single click. The Glance For Advisory Services Program builds on top of this foundation by enabling visual engagement in areas outside of the customer care organization, giving businesses the ability to create a secure and intimate environment for consultative selling. 

“For years, visual engagement was perceived by businesses as an effective contact center tool that creates more efficient and personal digital interactions, leading to faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction scores,” said Tom Martin, chief executive officer of Glance Networks. “While these attributes are certainly true, they don’t adequately convey the broader impact that visual engagement can have on a business outside of the contact center. The Glance For Advisory Services Program is created to educate businesses on new methodologies for incorporating visual engagement solutions into those departments and workgroups tasked with providing the highest level of personal service to customers. Clients that take advantage of this program will quickly see profound results in terms of revenue, customer loyalty, lifetime value, and a host of other key performance indicators.”

The Glance For Advisory Services Program provides businesses with best practices on advisory services use cases, as well as tailored deployment options to fit within the enterprise’s existing CRM and digital engagement touchpoints. The program includes ongoing support to help businesses properly leverage and measure the tangible business benefits associated with visual engagement solutions for advisory services. It is suited for a wide range of vertical markets, including technology, financial services, healthcare, retail, and business services. 

According to Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst with COMMfusion, a noted market research firm, the Glance For Advisory Services Program is perfectly positioned to address a long-overlooked pain point among enterprise customers.

“Businesses are constantly tasked with finding new avenues to deepen customer relationships and generate revenue without compromising brand value or reputation,” she said. “The Glance For Advisory Services Program is a novel approach for meeting this growing need. Using a well-crafted visual engagement solution can help organizations that want to further relationships with customers and clients by providing a way to visually share information while personalizing the interaction, creating distinct advantages for both the customer and the enterprise. This should be particularly appealing to businesses that compete in service-centric markets requiring consultative approaches.” 

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