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7 Customer Service Management Recommendations for Improving Client Satisfaction

To increase client satisfaction in the business world, businesses must concentrate on building a formidable customer experience. Here are seven game-changing customer service management ideas that will help you to improve client satisfaction.

7 Customer Service Management Recommendations for Improving Client Satisfaction - Glance Networks

1. Use proven strategies to build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is one of the essential things you will need to do for your business to grow. It is more costly to acquire new clients than retaining existing ones.

To keep your customers happy, ensure you do the following:

  • Updates. Keep your customers up to date through a friendly email newsletter or phone call.
  • Personalize. Make emails and letters personal so they know you are genuinely interested in their affairs.
  • Get involved. Congratulate them on their peak moments.
  • Share. If you read an article or a book or heard about an opportunity your client might be interested in, kindly let them know as soon as possible.
  • Engage. Engage your clients through various social media platforms. Know where they normally hang out and stay there with them.
  • Be genuine. Be honest and reliable, build trust, offer an amazing level of service and if you say you are going to help someone solve a problem, keep your word.

2. Measure customer effort score

Motivate your team to learn how to resolve issues effectively and quickly and exceed expectations. Focus on how to improve your results by building a reliable customer experience. Set appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) and then ensure that your team knows what they are and why they should be working to hit those metrics.

One of the key KPIs to measure is customer effort score (CES). The less effort customers have to put into doing business with you, the more likely they will be to stick with your company year after year.

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Let your team know that customers are what keep the company running. Clients are the real bosses. They can decide to fire everyone in the company, simply by taking their funds elsewhere. If your team treats your clients like bosses they are, your business will keep customers returning for more.

3. Demonstrate excellent product knowledge

Comprehensive product knowledge is an essential part of customer service. This fact has become even more important in today’s AI world. Customers can self-serve, figuring out basic facts on their own or with the help of a bot. Once they have escalated to a customer service call, they really need help, and they need it NOW.

Help customers in the moment - Glance Networks Cobrowsing

Keep in mind that customer service teams can only deliver excellent customer service if they are 100% knowledgeable about the product or services. Your customer service staff must be skilled. They should have the capacity to explain the product coherently and lucidly without any stress. Moreover, your supporting tools must be able to provide customer service reps with detailed information to back up the knowledge they already have in their heads.

4. Manage clients’ complaints and compliments

Business owners should see opportunities in every client’s complaints. Each time customers reach out, agents have the chance to develop lasting, strong relationships with clients and enhance the business’ reputation. If you can’t solve problems immediately, update clients on every step of progress you make until the issue is completely resolved.

Clients’ complaints will also give key information on areas you need to improve. Your clients’ complaints can serve as an eye-opener.

The way you handle your clients’ complaints can result not only in retaining them for the long run, but also in getting quality referrals to your business. Develop a strong policy on welcoming new client feedback and handling clients’ complaints.

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5. Motivate your customer service team

Great things happen to your clients when your employees are happy. When people are satisfied with their jobs and happy to be part of your team, they will work hard to achieve more for your organization.

As a business leader, you should build an inspiring strategy that will create the spirit of enthusiasm in your employees. You also need to provide them with the right tools to connect quickly and easily with customers. For example, visual engagement tools like those that Glance Networks provides help customers and agents quickly understand one another.

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In fact, according to a recent Forrester report (Visual Engagement Drives Relationships And Revenue for Customer Service):

“Companies increasingly leverage visual engagement – video, cobrowsing, screen sharing, and annotations – to cut through the customer conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.”


6. Be available via social media

Tap into the enormous benefits of social media. Social media provides an easy way for customers to connect with your business, as well as an avenue for them to let you know immediately if something is going well – or badly.

In addition, you should maintain a blog that answers customer questions. Blogging about your business can keep your clients glued to your products or services.

7. Remember that the customer is always at the center

Customers should be at the center of everything you do. Ensure that the passion for superb customer service runs all through the organization. Your customers deserve respect and excellent service from your customer service team.

Ensure that your team is capable of handling issues, whether they require easy answers or complex ones. Treat every customer like a king, so that they will keep buying from you.

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