Let Robots Clean Your Carpet.

Only Glance delivers real personal connection at the right moment to solve problems and grow lifetime customer loyalty.

While AI and bots play an important role in today’s enterprises, it takes the empathy and expertise of real people, in the moment, to build customer relationships and brand affinity. Glance lets your sales reps, customer service agents, or consultants to see your customer’s screen in seconds from any CRM. Your team gets an instant understanding of the customer’s problem and can more quickly guide them to a solution, and your customer can feel that sweet sense of relief.

Guided Sales

Make selling faster, easier, and more personal.

Guided Service & Support

Guided CX for quick resolution or complex customer moments.

Guided Transactions

Help customers make important, in-app transactions.

Guided Onboarding & Training

Make learning a breeze with hands-on, personal guidance.

Guided Advisory Services

Connect your experts with your customers in seconds.

Case Studies

Explore real-world Guided CX examples from our customers.

woman on a mobile phone in her home office

Glance for Financial Services

Create real human connections in your digital space, to increase transactions, grow portfolio value, and build customer loyalty.

Glance for Insurance

Create real human connections in your digital space, to guide customers through new and complex processes, increase transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.

Glance for SaaS

Whether you’re  demoing to prospects, onboarding new customers, answering support calls, or delivering consulting services, Glance can help build relationships and drive loyalty.

What our customers are saying

Using Glance, our customers quickly resolve customer issues, proactively prevent confusion, and build loyalty every day. First call resolution rates, NPS, and cSAT scores – not to mention ROI – rise as frustrated visitors are transformed into satisfied, long-term customers.

“To us, just because you’re using digital technology doesn’t mean that the interaction has to be impersonal. Intuit is full of people who care passionately about our customers, and visual technology takes the human element leaps and bounds forward in the experience.”
Stacie Herring | Director of Assisted Experience

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