Improve Call Center Metrics

“Oh, I see now.”

When agents can see what the customers see, positive results quickly follow. Customers feel understood. Problems are resolved faster. Customer trust and satisfaction soar. Call center efficiency rises and costs drop. Agent morale and longevity increases.

Improve Call Center Metrics

With Glance you’ll see improved call center efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and more upsell revenue opportunities in the call center. With results like that, you’ll make customers, agents, and even CFOs much, much happier.

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Improve First Call Resolution and Average Handle Time

Glance allows your call center agent to instantly see the screen of the digitally connected customer. The agent can visually identify the problem and guide the customer to a speedy solution. When customers and agents no longer need to play “The Game of 20 Questions” to reach an understanding, calls are completed faster and cases are fully resolved on the first try. Glance drives higher First Call Resolution (FCR) and shorter Average Handle Time (AHT).

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Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value

When customers receive a premium human-to-human service experience and have rapid resolution to their problems, customer satisfaction rebounds — and in fact it soars! Glance clients report massive increases to CSAT and NPS scores. Take advantage of those “high CSAT moments” by training agents to up-sell when the time is right, converting your service center from a cost center to a revenue generator.

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Happier agents

Service and support agents love Glance! Glance is integrated with the agent desktop, so agents can launch a sharing session with the click of one button. Interactions with customers go much more smoothly. Agents feel better empowered to solve problems. Glance is proven to increase agent satisfaction, decrease agent churn, and reduce contact center recruiting and training costs.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

See the problem

Glance enables call center agents to instantly see what callers are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems without playing “The Game of 20 Questions.”

Guide the solution

The agent can highlight elements on the customer’s screen including text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls. Agents can guide the customer, and follow from page to page as the customer navigates the website or app.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Build trust and empathy

Glance allows agents to reach understanding and solve problems with customers faster, building rapport, and turning negative experiences into engagements that create long-lasting customer bonds. With Glance, the customer can even see the friendly face of the agent, humanizing your brand (optional).

Present, demo, and consult

Glance can also show the agent’s screen to the customer — perfect for presenting and demoing to close the sale or for delivering advisory services.

Connect with one click — no download

With a simple click of a button the agent can launch a sharing session with the customer — no need for the customer to download any software. Glance is integrated with your existing CRM and contact center technology for a frictionless workflow and effortless customer experience.

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Works on any desktop computer, any OS, any browser, any mobile device

Agents can see the screen of callers no matter whether they are using your desktop software, website, browser based app, or native mobile app. The Glance Visual Engagement Platform gives you a consistent agent and customer experience on every digital platform.

Improve Call Center Metrics

Enterprise scalability and security

Glance is enterprise-proven in some of the largest contact centers in the world. And Glance is engineered to comply with strict customer privacy and security requirements, perfect for financial services, healthcare, and insurance.


Large bank uses Glance to improve CX for lending and banking customers


Constant Contact leverages Glance to transform the service center into a revenue center


Glance yields higher returns for CSAT and digital transactions at Axos Bank


ConstructConnect used Glance to build a sales process with a better pipeline


Truckstop.com delivers premium customer care with Glance


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance

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