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Visual Engagement for CX

Finally, a CX initiative where business benefit is rapid and ROI is measurable!

Glance Visual Engagement improves the quality and efficiency of each interaction between customers and agents in the call center. Glance empowers your call center agents to quickly and impressively solve customer problems, measurably improving CSAT and NPS for every engagement. The aggregate impact of that can be massive!

Glance not only delivers premium CX, but also is proven to generate a fast ROI by improving call center efficiency, higher customer loyalty, and higher revenue.

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See the problem

Glance Visual Engagement enables call center agents to instantly see what callers are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems and guide them to a speedy solution.

With a simple click of a button the agent can launch a sharing session with the caller — no need for the caller to download any software. Agents can see the screen of callers no matter whether they are using your desktop software, website, browser based app, or native mobile app.

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Guide the Solution

The agent can highlight elements on the user’s screen including text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls. Agents can point with their mouse or click-and-drag boxes around elements. Glance’s gesturing tools allow agents to quickly clarify, guide, and solve problems.

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Build trust and empathy

There is an almost magical emotional response triggered the moment a human feels understood – a rush of endorphins is triggered that washes away frustration and negative feelings and replaces them with relief, satisfaction, and trust.

Glance visual engagement allows agents to reach understanding with customers faster, building rapport, and turning negative experiences into engagements that create long-lasting customer bonds.

Glance Agent Video — a one-way video feed that displays the friendly face of the agent to the caller – humanizes every engagement. Glance Agent Video builds trust and can de-escalate even the most emotionally charged call.

Typical Outcomes

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

Glance helps agents deliver premium CX, for higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS) ratings.

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Increased Customer Revenue

Happier customers tend to be less susceptible to churn and more likely to purchase over and over again.

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Lower Costs in the Call Center

Glance makes calls shorter and more effective, for shorter average handle time (AHT) and higher first call resolution (FCR), driving cost out of call center operations.

MINDBODY leverages Glance to reduce average handle time and increase customer satisfaction.

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Learn more about the Glance Visual Engagement Platform

The Glance Visual Engagement Platform is an integrated suite of technology that allows enterprises to visually engage with customers across any device, any channel, any time.

Glance gives the agent one consistent UI, integrated within your existing CRM, ITSM, or call center system. Agents can join a sharing session with just one click regardless of what device or platform the customer is using — desktop app, desktop or mobile browser, or native mobile app. Agents can switch effortlessly between technology to suit the needs of each individual engagement.

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Read all about it: The ROI of the Glance Visual Engagement Platform.

Forrester analysis found that Glance Visual Engagement drove higher customer satisfaction as well as a 396% ROI with payback in less than 6 months.

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See how Glance can transform your CX

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