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Visual Engagement for Advisory Sales

Demos and presentations are critical elements of the selling process

Many sales organizations are struggling with old fashioned online presentation technology that wastes the sales team’s time, frustrates the sales prospect, and makes it difficult for managers to measure and inspect demos as a part of the overall sales process.

Glance is a presentation tool embedded into your CRM. Glance enables sales agents to launch sharing sessions with a single click directly from the lead, contact, or account record in your CRM. Glance helps you demo more effectively, tighten up your sales process, and close more sales, faster.

Effortless, instant demos & presentations

Glance is embedded into your CRM via open API or pre-built integration (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Service Now, and other call center software). While viewing the CRM record of the prospect, the sales agent can launch a sharing session with a single mouse click.

Unlike other online meeting technologies, Glance sharing sessions are viewed by prospects via any common web browser the prospect is already using — no download of a special screen sharing client is required for the prospect to view your sharing session. Because Glance works with any web browser, it always works, no matter if the prospect is on a desktop computer (Windows or Mac) or mobile device (Android or iOS).

Sales agents enjoy a friction-less sales motion. They visually engage with prospects quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to focus squarely on presenting and closing sales.

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Inspect the sales process

Since Glance is embedded into your CRM, sharing session metadata can be automatically captured and tracked.

Enforce presentations and demos as a component of the lead qualification and escalation process. Create reports and dashboards that track the impact of presentations and demos on agent performance, sales cycle, and deal size.

Glance allows management to better control and analyze the sales process.

Typical Outcomes

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More sales demos and presentations

Glance makes it so easy for sales agents to connect with prospects that Glance clients tend to see a rise in the volume of sales demos.

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Close more sales, faster

Connecting and delivering demos and presentations is elegant, simple, and reliable. It removes friction and inspires prospects to trust your sales agents. Glance clients see this translate to higher sales close rates and shorter sales cycles.

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Better oversight of the sales process and performance

Glance’s integration with your CRM allows sharing session metadata to be captured and inspected in reports and dashboards.

Customer Success Story!

ConstructConnect leverages Glance to increase lead conversion and shorten the sales cycle.

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Learn more about the Glance Visual Engagement Platform

The Glance Visual Engagement Platform is an integrated suite of technology that allows enterprises to visually engage with customers across any device, any channel, any time.

Glance Cobrowse

Glance Cobrowse


Glance Screen Share

Glance Screen Share


Glance Mobile App Sharing

Glance Mobile App Sharing


Glance Agent Video

Glance Agent Video


Glance gives the agent one consistent UI, integrated within your existing CRM, ITSM, or call center system. Agents can join a sharing session with just one click regardless of what device or platform the customer is using — desktop app, desktop or mobile browser, or native mobile app. Agents can switch effortlessly between technology to suit the needs of each individual engagement.

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Read all about it: The ROI of the Glance Visual Engagement Platform.

Forrester tracked call center efficiency gains and increased revenue that yielded a 396% ROI with payback in less than 6 months.

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See how Glance can transform customer engagement

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