Webinar Replay: Adding video to your digital customer engagements

Watch Glance CEO, Tom Martin, present on this webinar hosted by TMC / Customer Magazine. Video is emerging as a primary channel for digitally engaging with your customers as they navigate and complete transactions on your website or in your app. We discuss industry trends and illustrate the value of embedding video collaboration capabilities into your digital customer journeys with a case study from Intuit TurboTax. We also show a live demo.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the COVID pandemic accelerated the need for better digital customer experiences that can convey humanity and empathy
  • Review a real-world success story: how Intuit TurboTax embedded the capability for tax experts to host impromptu video consultation sessions with tax preparers… and how that experience has driven higher customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue
  • Watch a demo of a video-based “guided customer experience” in action

Download the PDF deck used for this webinar here.