Whitepaper: The turning point for digital lending, presented by National Mortgage News Magazine

Digital lending is a tough market. Regulatory conditions and easy access to competitive loan shopping sites have created a market where it is difficult to compete on loan features like qualification and rate. What’s left? Lenders must stand out from the competition with a superior customer experience and by showcasing the strategic expertise of their loan officers.

This white paper includes:

  • Trends and statistics that underscore the importance of having a great digital lending app
  • 4 keys to a great digital lending experience
  • A review of visual engagement functionality that enables loan officers and service reps to join the borrower in the digital lending app to help the borrower get un-stuck, deliver strategic advice about loan products, guide navigation, shepherd transactions through to completion, and add humanity to the digital engagement
  • Security and privacy considerations to ensure smooth sailing through your SECOPS review

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