Financial Services Customer Engagement: Seeing Matters

Visual engagement. Enabling financial services agents and customers to see the same thing at the same time no matter where it resides, in order to improve customer engagement. Seems great in theory, no? But how does it work in real-life situations?

I work in customer service here at Glance, so I’m in contact with customers all day long. One of the great things about working in this capacity is that I get to be with our customers throughout their journeys, from the moment they begin considering how to get the most out of their Glance cobrowse investment to the triumph they feel when they see the joy they’ve brought to their customers and agents – and ultimately the positive effect on their company’s bottom line.

Visual Engagement in Financial Services

Here’s a great story about the experience of an agent working in a customer engagement capacity at a large financial services institution.

A customer was reviewing his portfolio and his latest stock purchase wasn’t showing. He started to panic as he reviewed all the paperwork he could get his hands on. He hunted around for a while on his own, but he couldn’t find any helpful documentation. His tension rising, he decided to contact his broker.

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The broker immediately understood the frustration and concerned mindset his customer was experiencing. It was clear that a simple conversation on the phone wasn’t going to be enough. Therefore, he started a cobrowse session to view and guide the customer within the customer’s account.

The Critical Human Touch—Online

It was like sitting down at a table together—except they were both online. With a live agent walking him through the process, no client download, and the agent only seeing the account web page, the customer immediately began to calm down and feel assured his issue would be resolved.

The broker quickly electronically gestured (circled) where the client could locate his latest stock purchase. The customer was relieved to note that he actually had made the purchases he remembered. Moreover, while he had the broker working directly with him, the customer asked for assistance on guiding him through the process of making some additional stock purchases.

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The agent walked his customer through the process of reviewing and selecting his new investments. Ultimately, the customer ended the conversation on a very positive note.

A Customer Service Win—win

Note that in that situation, not only was the customer’s anxiety relieved, but additional purchases were made that otherwise might not have been considered. Having that live, human touch makes all the difference. Not to mention the fact that being on the same page (literally) immediately cut through any confusion and streamlined the ability of the broker to help his client.

Visual engagement. Cobrowse. It’s not just a “nice to have” customer experience enhancement. It’s a solid win for everyone—customers and businesses alike.

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