Guided CX: Establish Convenient, Contextual Customer Experience That Drives Measurable Business Value

Over 42% reported increases in revenue.
Over 40% reported decreases in overall costs.
Over 67% reported improved customer satisfaction scores.

How did they do it?

This eBook explains how developing a Guided Customer Experience (Guided CX) Framework and leveraging visual engagement platforms (cobrowse, screen share, video, and more) drove these results.

Download the eBook written by Metrigy Research Strategic Consulting and Advising to learn:

  • How Guided CX enables businesses to increase KPI’s, resulting in increased in revenue.
  • How to enhance the customer experience by moving beyond messaging, email, or voice communications and toward visual engagement and Guided CX experiences.
  • How CX leaders can analyze the customer journey to identify key situations that are ripe for Guided CX.