Infographic: Difference between cobrowse and screen share

Achieve Effortless Customer Engagement With Visual Tools

Glance Networks’ visual engagement solutions allow agents and customers to see the same thing online, instantly, for immediate positive impact on sales, customer service, customer support, and the overall customer experience.

With cobrowse, you can cut through confusion by instantly sharing a browser view with customers, partners, and prospects. Stop asking questions like: “Are you online?” “What do you see?” “Can you find this field?” Instead, see what your customers see and guide them through processes—as though you were in the room together.

Glance Cobrowse dramatically reduces online frustration by:

  • Making conversations relevant and effortless.
  • Promoting a positive customer experience.
  • Building lifetime customer loyalty.

Both cobrowse and screen share are part of Glance’s powerful visual engagement toolset. Not sure about the advantages each solution offers? Check out the infographic below to learn more or download the PDF to use as your own printable checklist. Ready to try cobrowse for yourself? Sign up for a free cobrowse demo.

Difference Between Cobrowse and Screen Share Infographic

Download This Infographic (PDF)