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Axos Bank

Glance allows Axos agents to provide a frictionless experience when guiding customers through bill payments, fund transfers, and the completion of applications for bank products online.

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Video: How Guided CX and Visual Engagement Enhance the Customer Experience

Host Dan Gingiss and guest Thomas Martin discuss "guided CX" and visual engagement as key components of the customer experience.

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Video: What is Visual Engagement? Glance Interviewed by TMC at 2020 ITExpo

Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, attended ITEXPO 2020 and had the opportunity to speak with Rich Tehrani, Editor-in-Chief at TMC.

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Podcast: The Speed of Digital Transformation

Tom Martin, CEO of Glance, and Adam Proulx of CompTIA discuss how Glance has successfully transitioned from a small business screen share tool to a provider of omnichannel visual engagement solutions for some of the largest enterprises in the world.

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Podcast: Digital Relationships in the Age of COVID-19

Nicole Catchpole, Senior Analyst at Technology Business Research, and David Smith, Founder of InFlow Analysis, talk to Tom Martin, CEO at Glance, about engaging with customers and employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Podcast: Using UC to Reinvent Companies and Industries

In this podcast with Tom Martin, CEO of Glance speaks with Telecom Reseller and points out that digital transformation and AI, not only are upending the way companies organize their real-time communications, in terms of platform and process, but that they have the potential to create whole new ways to do business with their respective customer bases.

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