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Video: What is Visual Engagement? Glance Interviewed by TMC at 2020 ITExpo

Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, attended ITEXPO 2020 and had the opportunity to speak with Rich Tehrani, Editor-in-Chief at TMC.

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Podcast: Digital Relationships in the Age of COVID-19

Nicole Catchpole, Senior Analyst at Technology Business Research, and David Smith, Founder of InFlow Analysis, talk to Tom Martin, CEO at Glance, about engaging with customers and employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Video: Glance In Action — Customer Care for Digital Apps

Learn how Glance can be used by customer service agents to guide customers through complex online transactions, such as applying for a loan on a mobile app.

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Video: Glance for Finance Demo at Finovate 2019

Learn how Glance can be used by financial advisors to join customers in the banking app, present investment options, and guide them to transact and trade.

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Video: Glance Customer Care Manifesto

When customers are stuck, your self-service knowledge bases and chatbots may not be solving every problem...

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Video: Glance Mobile App Sharing

When users of your mobile app get stuck, Glance Mobile App Sharing can help you deliver in-app visual support and collaboration...

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