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Guided customer onboarding

A new approach for a new era of software. Download the eBook to learn: How...

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The value of CX metrics

By adopting CX analytics, regularly tracking success metrics, and making changes on the data, customer...

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Agent empowerment supports customer success

Low CSAT? Better agent technology will help. When agents have good technology and leadership, supported...

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Personal meets digital: Guided experiences for SaaS

SaaS customers expect to be able to onboard, train, and troubleshoot problems in-the-moment. But when...

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Cultivating personal customer experiences in healthcare

Healthcare’s digital transformation was greatly expedited by the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the best possible digital customer...

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Does your CX have a human connection gap?

We’re living in an age of hyper-normalized digital convenience. Customers expect every online interaction to...

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It’s time to revolutionize your customer experience

It’s easier for us to show you than to describe it here in writing. Request a live demo to see the many ways Glance can transform your customer experience.