Glance Makes Customer Consultations Less Taxing for Intuit

Glance Cobrowse, Glance Screen Share, Glance Mobile App Sharing, and Glance Agent Video empower Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

Glance delivered a visual engagement solution that delights customers, is easy to use for agents, supports all TurboTax platforms (desktop, browser, and native mobile), accommodates Intuit’s customer privacy and security requirements, and has the enterprise scalability to handle the massive tax season surge.

With Glance, Intuit was able to:

  • Improve case resolution by 10%
  • Increase transactional net promoter score (TNPS) by 18%
  • Maintain common UX across browser, desktop, and mobile apps

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Intuit Partners With Glance to Improve Customer Engagement

Discover how Intuit used Glance visual engagement solutions to improve customer resolution rate by 10% and increase transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18%.

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