Screen Share

Share your insights — not just your screen

Share your presentations and demos with customers in real time or pass control to customers and view what they’re seeing on their screen. It’s the perfect solution for online sales or support.

Show your screen to customers — no download required

No screen share solution is faster to launch, easier to use, or more universally compatible. Share your screen instantly with no download or installation required. That’s a frictionless experience for the agent and customer.

Ideal for advisory selling

Launch a quick sharing session with your prospect and deliver a killer demo or a presentation to help you close the sale. Glance shortens the sales cycle and improves the close rate.

Ideal for support and troubleshooting

Pass control to customers and allow them to show their screens. Use remote control to navigate, and manage configurations on the customer’s computer. Glance is proven to improve case resolution and reduce handle time.

Frictionless agent workflow

Glance is integrated with your CRM. Your agents can launch a sharing session with the click of a button right from the contact or case record in the CRM, for a completely frictionless workflow.

Automatic KPI Capture

Each sharing session can be automatically logged as an activity in the CRM, for automatic KPI capture. Managers can inspect that demos are being conducted at the right time in the sales cycle, or that sharing sessions are accompanying support calls.


Constant Contact leverages Glance to transform the service center into a revenue center


Constant Contact leverages Glance to transform the service center into a revenue center


Glance yields higher returns for CSAT and digital transactions at Axos Bank


ContructConnect used Glance to build a sales process with a better pipeline

‘; delivers premium customer care with Glance


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance


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