Glance Agent Video

Add a face and a smile to an otherwise impersonal chat or call.

Bring a human face to online business.

Ready to bring a face and a smile to online customer interactions? Glance Agent Video adds one-way video to your visual engagement solution. Personalizing the conversation enables your agents to build trust, confidence, credibility, and rapport.

Let your customers get to know you.

When combined with Glance Panorama, Glance Agent Video is a game-changer that will empower your agents to increase upsells, streamline customer service, and bring understanding to support situations.



Glance Agent Video is cloud-based and scalable. Moreover, Glance solutions do not require proxies or onsite installs.

Easy Integration

Glance Agent Video is simple to embed in any app, quickly bringing humanization to your agent’s interactions.


Comprehensive Camera Support

Glance Agent Video leverages onboard or external cameras, so your agents can easily provide a view of themselves regardless of their location.

Run Anywhere

Glance Agent Video supports both Mac and Windows browsers, easily fitting into your business environment.


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