Glance Mobile Camera Share

Extend your vision using remote mobile cameras.

Glance Mobile Camera Share enables your agents to invoke the mobile device camera of connected customers or remote workers.

Use this functionality to harness the mobile camera for remote troubleshooting, diagnosis, or visual verification.

Common Use Cases


Mobile Banking

Visually verify customer identity during account creation. Host secure in-app video meetings to deliver digital consultation with the human touch.


Field Service

Support customers and field service technicians using the mobile camera for remote trouble-shooting.



Enable consultations and therapy sessions via secure in-app video call.

Toggle the Camera

Troubleshoot in real time, by asking the visitor to show their front or back camera, to see exactly what the visitor sees.

Connect Through The CRM

Initiate camera sharing sessions through CRM systems like Salesforce or ServiceNow. Connect directly to your visitor with one click from the CRM lead, contact, or case record.

Connect via SMS

Glance Mobile Camera Share can also be invoked with hyperlink sent via SMS to the customer. No need for the customer to install an app to share their camera. This is perfect for in-the-moment service issues where the customer’s mobile camera can help troubleshoot and solve problems.


ConstructConnect used Glance to build a sales process with a better pipeline


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit

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