Glance Mobile App Share

The in-app customer support your mobile users deserve.

Mobile customer experiences can be unforgettable with in-app customer service – when it’s delivered by an actual person. Glance Mobile App Share now combines two-way live video chat with mobile screen sharing capabilities. Boost your mobile customers’ engagement and offer personalized help from your agents – right inside your app and right at their moment of need.

Only Glance Mobile App Share Delivers

A Flexible Mobile SDK

Simply embed Glance into your mobile app with our mobile app sharing SDK. Configure the UI and UX to deliver the brand experience your customers – and your agents – expect.

Enterprise Scale

Glance supports 1000s of concurrent sessions for agent and customer in-app support, balancing network and device constraints for consistent quality.

Cross-device Continuity for In-App Support

Glance offers endless device options for cobrowsing on websites or desktop apps and mobile app sharing on Android and iOS. Using any device, browser, website or app, your customers can expect the same great support from your teams.

Provide in-app support with Glance Mobile App Share

With mobile app sharing, agents join users in the app – right at the moment of need – to instantly see their screen and understand their problem. As a user scrolls and navigates, an agent follows along: to help them get unstuck, rescue transactions, and turn frustrated app users into raving fans. Glance is proven to increase CSAT, build customer loyalty, and boost lifetime revenue.

Achieve parity with web-based Glance Cobrowse experiences

Break down barriers of impersonal app support by letting your customers connect directly with an agent using powerful mobile app sharing and 1- or 2-way video. The perfect complement to Glance Cobrowse on your browser-based properties, Glance Mobile App Share lets your mobile apps offer the same unparalleled in-person support experiences across every channel where your customers prefer to reach out to you. Leading brands use Glance mobile app share to improve selling, transactions, training and support.

Mobile app security and privacy compliance with Glance Mobile App Share

Glance enables mobile app collaboration only in your app — agents cannot see other apps, device settings, or the homescreen. Glance masks sensitive information from the agent’s view during mobile app screen sharing sessions – credit card numbers, identifying information, and more – limiting enterprise exposure to privacy and security risks and supporting your compliance initiatives.

Guided Customer Experience

More than Mobile App Support: the Glance Guided CX Solution

Engage with your customers and prospects in the channel and on the device they prefer – whether on your website or in your app. Glance Guided CX connects customers and prospects with your sales, service, training, or technical support teams – instantly – providing in-the-moment online collaboration across all devices, browsers, and communications channels: voice, text, chat, email, and more.


When customers can see the friendly face of the agent during a mobile app support session, it can humanize your brand, diffuse tense interactions, and build trust.


Cobrowse or screenshare? With Glance, you don’t have to choose. Agents and customers can quickly and easily switch between cobrowse and screen share, with no downloads.


Starting in any channel your users prefer, offer the same onscreen collaboration on your website or desktop app as you do in your mobile app. Engage with one-way or multi-way video, escalate quickly to screenshare, and enjoy the same security and PDF Cobrowse features in any website or browser-based app.

Large bank uses Glance to improve CX for lending and banking customers

By creating an omnichannel approach to their online banking experience, this leader in banking was able to retain current customers and focus on the growth of new customers.


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance

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