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ServiceNow sharing sessions with with a single mouse-click.

Glance enables your agent to see the customer’s desktop, browser, or mobile app to quickly understand and resolve problems, offer guidance, or deliver advisory services.

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Frictionless customer engagement

Glance 1-Click Connect™ lets the agent launch a sharing session with one mouse-click—no need for the customer to download or install a sharing client—for the ultimate in elegant, frictionless customer engagement.

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See, understand, and guide

Your agent can see the browser or app screen of the customer, to instantly understand the problem. The agent can highlight on-screen content and guide customer navigation. Glance is perfect for service, support, and training use cases.

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Present and demo

Your agent can instantly show their screen to the customer — perfect for delivering in-the-moment sales presentations or demos.

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Humanize the digital engagement

With Glance Agent Video, the friendly face of your agent can be displayed to the customer during the sharing session via real-time video. Agent Video is proven to build trust, diffuse tension, and increase customer satisfaction scores.

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Measure the impact

Glance automatically logs each sharing session as an activity in ServiceNow. That enables management to inspect agent activity, or report on the impact of visual engagement on case resolution, handle time, customer satisfaction scores, revenue, agent productivity, and other KPIs tracked in the CRM.

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Embed Glance

Add Glance visual engagement capabilities to solve problems faster on customer service and support calls or to launch in-the-moment demos and presentations to boost sales and revenue.

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