Glance Visual Engagement Solutions for Salesforce

Glance integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Clouds, transforming the customer relationship management experience in a way that engages customers and prospects online — visually, instantaneously, and securely.

Glance’s enterprise-grade solution combines its patented cobrowsing technology with instant screen sharing and one-way, real-time agent video into one simple, easy-to use platform that you can access directly from within your Salesforce instance.

With Glance, you know what your customers are doing online. You learn whether they’re getting stuck on your web site. And most importantly, you know that your agents are helping customers to achieve better outcomes.

Glance Cobrowse

Lets agents or reps see what customers are doing while on a company’s web property; masks private information (PII) so it never leaves a customer’s browser.

Glance Screen Share

Lets agents or reps show ANY content; lets remote tech support view customers’ screens.

Mobile App Sharing

Glance Mobile App Sharing

Lets agents see the screen of the mobile app user; can mask private information (PII) in app forms so the agent can’t see it. Glance functionality can be built into any native mobile app using the Glance SDK.

Glance Agent Video

One-way video that lets customers see the empathetic face or your agent during cobrowsing or screen sharing or mobile app sharing sessions. Once connected by phone, chat, or SMS, agents or reps can instantly connect with customers through a real-time, permissions-based, interactive view of content within browsers, desktops, and mobile devices. Out-of-the-box, collaborative sessions can be launched inside of standard Salesforce objects like leads, contacts, and cases.

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