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Docutech customers guided in real time.

Loan officers can now join their customers in the browser and guide them through the Docutech digital loan origination experience, courtesy of Glance’s visual engagement functionality.

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Deliver a “white-glove” customer experience to digital loan applicants

Even under the best of circumstances the digital loan application process can be confusing and frustrating. Digital loan officers can now give customers support that rivals an in-branch experience.

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See the problem and offer guidance

Loan officers can join customers in the browser, follow along from page to page, and guide their progress by highlighting on-screen content and navigation options.

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Shepherd transactions to completion

Glance is proven to rescue transactions that would otherwise have been stalled or abandoned completely. Glance reduces errors and increases transaction completion rates.

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“Get Personal” with borrowers

Glance adds premium human-to-human engagement to digital transactions. It represents a perfect combination of digital transformation with human expertise. Glance is proven to increase customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

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Security & Privacy

Glance is purpose-built for security and privacy compliance. The customer’s private information can be masked from the agent’s view. Data is encrypted in motion. And Glance leverages your SSO for secure authentication of your users.

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