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Glance for developers.

At Glance we like to focus on business benefits and user experience, rather than technologies, speeds, and feeds. But at some point, our prospects and customers need answers for their IT, DevOps and InfoSec teams to make sure Glance is the right fit for the enterprise’s technical environment.

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Glance works with any device, any OS

Glance delivers a consistent sharing and collaboration experience for your agent and the digitally connected customer, regardless of what technology the customer is using.

  • Desktop computer application (Windows or Mac)
  • Desktop browser
  • Mobile browser
  • Native mobile app (Android or iOS)
Integration Partners

Glance works with the tech you already have

Glance is designed to overlay the technology you’ve already invested in:

  • Integrated with your existing contact center call routing technology.
  • Integrated with your existing CRM
  • Embedded into your customer-facing digital channels like website pages, chat, desktop apps, and mobile apps via Javascript, open API or SDK

Glance is compliance-friendly

Glance is deployed in some of the most restrictive environments for security and privacy, including leading global financial companies, insurance providers, tax and financial software companies, and government agencies.

Where many of our competitors “crash and burn,” we have never failed an InfoSec review, thanks to our carefully chosen cloud-based technical architecture:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) rarely touches the Glance service, and it is never stored
  • Glance’s ability to mask customer PII from the view of your agent ensures sensitive customer data is redacted before transmission beyond the customer’s browser
  • Data is encrypted in motion and is never at rest
  • Glance leverages your SSO, so the authentication of your users can be managed by you, not Glance
  • Glance’s technology is purpose-built to limit your exposure to security and privacy violations
Guided CX

Download-free Screen Share

No screen share solution is faster to launch, easier to use, or more universally compatible. Share your screen instantly with no download or installation required.

We know that many customers are reluctant to download and install a screen share client, or their computer is “locked” by IT to restrict downloads and installations. Glance uses any standard web browser as the screen share viewer — already installed on anyone’s Mac or Windows computer or any Android or iOS mobile device. That’s a faster, easier, frictionless experience for the agent and customer. It translates to more sharing connections and more fully realized positive business outcomes.

Glance uses DOM-cobrowsing

There are various technical methods of achieving a cobrowsing experience. Why did Glance pioneer, refine, and patent many elements of DOM-based cobrowsing?

  • It’s the most computationally efficient option
  • It’s the most bandwidth-friendly option
  • It offers the best possible visual display to agents and customers
  • It works on any browser
  • It offers comprehensive controls for privacy and security compliance
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Glance works alongside and complements AI and bots

More and more enterprises are including artificial intelligence and bot solutions as part of their customer contact strategy. At Glance we believe it is important to map your customer journeys and all points of connection with customers. Develop a strategy for the points where customer interaction can be adequately handled by bots and where awesome human contact is required.

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