Glance Cobrowse

Get on the same page with customers.

Your agents join customers, partners and prospects in the browser, in real time. It’s just like being shoulder-to-shoulder with them to answer questions, consult and guide navigation—without having your yogurt stolen from the communal office fridge.

See the browser screen of your customer

Your agent instantly launches a sharing session with the customer to view the customer’s browser screen as they navigate your website or browser-based app. Works with any desktop or mobile browser.

Guide with annotation and scrolling

Your agent can highlight page content and navigation options, and can even scroll the page to guide the customer. When the customer navigates from page to page on your website or app, the agent follows along with almost no lag.


No Download

Glance Cobrowse is coded into your webpages with simple Javascript tags. So sharing is enabled without the need for the customer to download or install anything. Glance supports a simple, frictionless workflow between the agent and customer.

Protect privacy and security

Glance Cobrowse shows the agent only what is present in the browser pages you have coded for sharing. There’s no risk of unintentionally sharing content from the desktop, other apps, or other browser windows. Sensitive information in the browser window (credit card or social security numbers, etc.) can be masked — redacted from the view of the agent — for security and privacy compliance.

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Instant Understanding

Skip the “Game Of 20 Questions” (“What page are you on?” “What do you see now?”). When your agent can see the browser screen of the customer, your agent gains immediate understanding, and can get on with problem-solving.

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CRM Integration

Glance is integrated with your CRM. Launching a sharing session is as easy for your agent, as clicking a button in the contact or case record. And the sharing session is automatically logged in the CRM so you can analyze Glance’s impact on call center KPIs (AHT, FCR, etc.), customer satisfaction scores, and lifetime revenue.

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Customer service for websites & browser apps

Make each digital customer engagement better: faster problem-solving, increased online or in-app transactions, higher customer satisfaction.

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Support Digital Transformation & Self-Service initiatives

Guide customers, employees and partners through new digital processes and workflows. Help them learn how to search knowledge bases for answers, manage online profiles, make online payments. New ways of doing things are easier to learn and adopt if a service agent guides you through it the first time.

Partner Integrations

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations.

Plus our open API enables integration with any CRM, agent desktop, or contact center tech. Your agents join customers in the app or website with the click of a single button. Glance sessions are automatically logged in your CRM for measuring positive impact on KPIs.

Guided Customer Experience

Beyond Cobrowse: The Glance Guided CX Product Portfolio

Engage with customers where they feel most comfortable. With just one click, you can effortlessly deliver an omni-channel experience in sales, customer service, and technical support. Glance Guided CX solutions provide instant collaboration regardless of whether your customer is engaged on the web, mobile app, or desktop app.

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Add Glance Video to Cobrowse

When customers can see the friendly face of the agent during your cobrowse session, it humanizes your brand, diffuses tense interactions, and builds trust.

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Escalate between Cobrowse and Screen Share

There are many situations where your agents will need to switch between cobrowse and screen share because of the unique capabilities of these technologies.

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Multichannel Engagement

Deliver a consistent, premium visual engagement experience for agents and customers across all your digital customer touchpoints: browser, desktop, and mobile.

Case Studies


Constant Contact leverages Glance to transform the service center into a revenue center


Glance yields higher returns for CSAT and digital transactions at Axos Bank


Glance makes customer consultations less taxing for Intuit


MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance

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