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Intelligent Detection

Instantly Engage Online Customers “In-the-Moment”

Customers want to follow the path of least resistance. Glance’s smart connect technology detects online presence, alerts an agent, and launches the right visual engagement functionality for agent-customer interaction. Glance visual engagement solutions can be easily used via any device type or browser, eliminating technology incompatibility problems. What’s more, our intelligent detection goes “over-the-top” of established routing protocols, agent priorities, and escalation paths, preserving their integrity while leveraging them to provide a smart, frictionless visual engagement experience.

Eliminate Technical Barriers

Eliminate Technical Barriers

Get to the crux of the interaction without dealing with technology compatibility issues.

Increase Sales Conversions

Increase Sales Conversions

Be alerted to who’s browsing your site in real-time to provide concierge-level assistance

Provide Proactive Support

Untangle complex situations and resolve customer issues before they escalate.

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Intelligent Detection Functionality

Knowing when customers are on your website is just the first step—engaging them is the second. Customers don’t want to be hassled with flaky technology, updating their system, or even answering questions an agent should already know. Nor should agents need to decide which technology to launch when, adding unnecessary work and potential point of failure in the overall experience. Glance’s smart connect technology streamlines the entire process, allowing agents and customers to have meaningful and relevant conversations in-the-moment.

Glance Detect

Glance Detect

Glance’s intelligent detection technology alerts agents from within their CRM or support system that a customer is browsing your website. Agents can then engage with customers to help them navigate complex online transactions or support scenarios without asking the proverbial ’20-questions,’ jumping right to relevant and meaningful conversation.

One-Click Engagement

Glance One-Click Connect

Once detected online, customers only need to click a button or tap their mobile device to be connected to an agent. Customers do not need to download software, plug-ins, or apps nor does their device need Java, Flash, or WebRTC. Fully secure, Glance protects sensitive information through advanced security and technology such as masking sensitive information and preventing its transmission.

Glance Intelligent Routing

Glance Intelligent Routing

Companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building routing protocols, agent priorities, and escalation paths for optimal voice customer support. Glance doesn’t need to replace this infrastructure—it leverages the existing intelligence by going “over-the-top” to augment the voice channel experience with in-the-moment visual engagement solutions.

Monitoring Services

Glance Business Intelligence

Customer interaction data provides real-time insights into past interactions and the resulting outcomes, giving sales and customer service the information they need to have intelligent conversations. Session information is automatically captured and recorded in the CRM or support system, freeing up agent time and giving management the assurance that the data is always accurate.

Authentication and Provisioning

Glance Agent-Side Single-Sign On (SSO)

Glance also makes it easy for agents to use our visual engagement solutions by providing single-sign on capabilities for the enterprise. This allows agents to have access to Glance from the moment they log in, reducing eliminating another layer of friction in real-time customer engagement. Strong permissions-based controls ensure IT staff can maintain security compliance across the application.

Leverage Your Ecosystem of Intelligence

Leverage Your Ecosystem of Intelligence

Glance visual engagement solutions are designed to work with your entire ecosystem of sales and support technology. Established routing protocols, agent priorities, escalation paths, and more are not only preserved, but leveraged by the Glance platform to provide the right agents with the right technology at the right time.

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