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Glance ROI Insight

Meet your visual communications goals in record time.

Speed time to benefit with Glance Solutions.

The Glance ROI Insight program empowers you to understand how your Glance cobrowse, screen share, and/or agent video investment will improve customer collaboration and positively impact the bottom line. Set your goals and meet them in record time with the help of our customer success team.

The Glance ROI Insight program is a customizable evaluation that puts the proof in your hands. Our team will work with you to:

  • Evaluate your unique environment.
  • Show you exactly where and how you can benefit most from your customer visual engagement investment.
  • Guide you through every step of implementation, training, and evaluation to ensure you meet your goals.

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The Glance ROI Insight Program

The Glance ROI Insight program lasts two weeks to three months, depending on your organization’s needs. The program includes three phases:

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

  • STRATEGY: Understand Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy.
  • INTERACTION: Gather and review intelligence around key customer interactions.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Identify, define, and map customer/agent activities.
  • EFFICIENCIES: Derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and efficiencies to be gained by leveraging visual engagement.
Pre-deployment Phase

Pre-deployment Phase

  • DESIGN: Develop the use cases together with relevant stakeholders, including benchmarks and measurements.
  • CONFIGURE: Work with stakeholders to configure the installation.
  • TUNE: Validate the pilot use case in a test environment.
  • DEVELOP: Create customized agent training materials.
Deployment Phase

Deployment Phase

  • TRAIN: Enable trainers to deliver training sessions.
  • DEPLOY: Push Glance solution to the production environment.
  • EXECUTE: Run pilot and track metrics to ensure agents adopt the solution as expected and KPIs are recorded.
  • ANALYZE: Assemble KPIs from the study to validate the ROI model and move on to next successful project.

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ROI Insight Program Infographic



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