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Glance Cobrowse

Share the same browser view as your customers

Next Generation Cobrowsing—brought to you by Glance

Stop asking: "Are you online?" "What do you see?" "Can you find this field?"

See what your customer sees and guide him or her through processes in real time—as though you were in the room together viewing the same browser. Cut through confusion by instantly and securely sharing a browser view with customers, partners, and prospects. Help customers or prospects navigate your website or SaaS product.

With Glance Cobrowse, you can easily:

Make conversations relevant and effortless.
Promote a positive customer experience.
Build lifetime customer loyalty.

Discover how to create effortless, instantaneous and relevant customer experiences by integrating Glance into your Salesforce CRM.

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Glance Cobrowse Features

Glance Cobrowse is built for the enterprise delivering a secure, scalable solution that does not require a customer download. Wondering about the differences between cobrowse and screen share? Check out this printable infographic for further information.

See what customers are doing online

Agents and customers can collaborate while controlling what content is shared.

Guide with annotation

Circle, highlight, and emphasize points to show where things are located and how to use options.

Authentication and Provisioning

Work securely

Protect customer privacy by preventing agents from seeing personal information. In addition, sessions are encrypted and agents have role-based permissions, taking advantage of SAML/SSO integrations, and more.

Provide fast, global access

Provide fast, global access

Glance provides a global solution with local session services.

View/control content

View/control content

With permission, view/control content within the customer’s browser view.

Provide an instant, omni-device view

Provide an instant, omni-device view

With cobrowse, customers never need a download, app, or Java. Agents can see the customer’s browser view from any mobile or desktop browser, with no lag time.

Cloud-based service

Cloud-based service

Cloud-based service means no proxies or onsite installs.

Glance Cobrowse Data Sheet

With Glance Cobrowse, you can see what your customers see and guide them through processes in real time—as though you were in the room together.

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Optional Modules for Supercharging Cobrowse

Glance Cobrowse is just the starting point. Take advantage of these optional modules to boost your online interactions to a whole new level.

  • Cobrowse CRM. Combine the power of integrating Glance Cobrowse with your CRM to measure the impact of cobrowse on FCR, AHT, and more to make conversations more meaningful. Glance has out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. In addition, Glance APIs allow customers to integrate to almost any solution!
  • Cobrowse Connect. Expand your CRM’s reach with proactive notification that your customers are online. Agents can proactively initiate a cobrowse session without the customer doing anything.
  • Cobrowse Outreach. Be notified in real-time as to which high-value customers are online so you can reach out to them to provide concierge-level assistance and close the deal.
  • Browse-With-Me. Bring self-service to a new level by empowering customers to browse with other experts, family members, and friends, sharing anything from financial paperwork to furniture options online.

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Glance ROI Insight

Looking to gain the maximum benefits from your customer visual engagement solution? The Glance ROI Insight program empowers you to understand just how your Glance investment can improve customer collaboration and positively impact the bottom line.

The Glance ROI Insight program is a customizable evaluation that puts the proof in your hands. Our professional services team will:

  • Shadow your agents and evaluate your unique environment.
  • Show you exactly where and how you can benefit most from your visual engagement investment.
  • Guide you through every step of implementation, training, and evaluation to ensure you meet your goals.

Ready to learn more about gaining a quick ROI from visual engagement tools? Check out the infographic or download the PDF.

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Co-Browsing: Guide Customers to Grow Your Own Success

Discover the benefits of co-browsing and three best practices to maximize its performance in your organization.

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Expand Your Glance Solution

Glance provides a scalable solution that lets you expand visual engagement capabilities as your business needs grow. With additional Panorama capabilities, you can seamlessly switch from cobrowsing to screen sharing or agent video. Supercharge your customer experience today!

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See how Glance can transform customer engagement

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