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Benefits by Role

A Frictionless Path to Great Experiences

Happy employees equal satisfied customers. When agents use Glance’s visual engagement solutions, they can help the customer or prospect quickly and easily navigate complex online transactions or get one-on-one support while achieving their own metric-based goals. What’s more, Glance solutions integrate seamlessly into existing voice, chat, CRM, and support systems without costly custom code or downtime—creating a frictionless path to great experiences for both employees and customers.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Increase Job Satisfaction

Help employees help customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Raise Success Metrics

Raise Success Metrics

Increase NPS, cSAT, sales conversions and even employee engagement with Glance.

Achieve Strong ROI

Achieve Strong ROI

Obtain maximum value in sales and support while avoiding hidden costs in IT/Operations.

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Make confusion a thing of the past

Glance visual engagement solutions make it easy for employees to offer customers on-demand, humanized interactions. With one click, agents can connect visually with customers to help them quickly navigate to exactly the places they need to be.


With guided demos and personalized conversations, you can broaden opportunities for relevant upsells while increasing customer confidence. The results are every sales persons’ dream: close business faster, lower customer churn, increase renewal rates, and keep your customers coming back for more.

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“[ConstructConnect] is constantly striving to build a stronger sales force and Glance for Salesforce has transformed our sales process.”

Lisa Fiondella, Chief Customer Officer

Customer Service

Using Glance, agents resolve questions quickly and easily, untangle complex situations, and prevent escalations. With guided tours, agents can educate partners and customers to increase understanding of self-service and other options, empowering them to create solutions for themselves in the future. First call resolution rates, NPS, and cSAT scores rise as frustrated visitors are transformed into satisfied customers.

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“…we have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a gamechanger for Intuit.”

Stacie Herring, Director of Assisted Experience

Technical Support

Like with sales and customer service, technical support agents can benefit from using Glance. The ability to navigate customers through challenging technical situations is simplified with Glance’s visual engagement solutions. Speed onboarding time, reduce handling times, increase first call resolution rates, and provide a positive experience for your customers and technical support team alike.

“The technology is flawless…Glance Cobrowse offers unique, ease-of-use to a broad spectrum of computer users. The simplicity of this tool allows for successful student-staff interactions for computer users of all skills levels.”

Kevin Yu, Senior Director of IT
Trident University


Glance’s visual engagement solutions are architected to be easy, reliable and secure. Monitoring APIs expose core performance metrics on the health of services, which can be combined with other IT/call center reports and dashboards to give a complete look at the overall system metrics. With no custom code or burdensome internal support needs, enterprises experience operational savings rather than hidden costs.

“At Constant Contact, our customers are our top priority. It [Glance] has improved our ability to resolve issues swiftly within a single call and deliver even more ‘wow’ experiences.”

Rick Edwards, Partner Implementation Manager
Constant Contact

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