Women in Technology: 10 Tips for Amplifying Women’s Voices


From personal experience I can tell you that being a woman in the world of technology can be intimidating. I’m no doubt in the minority, and even more so because I have the title of Vice President of Marketing. Yes, even on the marketing side of things, executive positions are dominated by men. Surprising only because women are in the majority when it comes to marketing positions. But we can change that by speaking up.

Women in Technology – Speaking Up

Speaking my mind in a mostly male workplace can be challenging. I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I feel nervous or doubtful and it can make me hesitate before I speak my mind. The important thing is to find ways to overcome those fears, speak up even when it isn’t encouraged, and ensure I will be heard.

Ladies: every one of us has the potential to do great things and all of us have a great deal of power, even in a landscape dominated by men. Whether you are working in a technology company or anywhere else in the business world, the advice contained in this article is a great starting point to help give you the confidence (or to help you “fake it until you make it”) to make your voice heard. Check out the full article here: 10 Tips for Amplifying Women’s Voices in the World of Technology. It even contains a very helpful infographic.

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