Visual Engagement Brings High-Tech to Healthcare Customer Service


Recently, Glance CEO Tom Martin was interviewed about how digital transformation is affecting the healthcare industry. As he notes, while the human is still a key element in healthcare customer service, technology is bringing that piece into the digital era.

Adding visual engagement to the healthcare customer service process

The complexity of the healthcare industry requires that companies constantly work to help their customers navigate plan-related information. Enter cobrowsing, in which an agent views a customer’s browser window from a remote location to guide them through their issues. According to Tom , his clients report that a customer enrolling in a new healthcare plan will call their new provider an average of six to seven times, and that each of those calls can last 20 to 30 minutes. That makes healthcare customer service a challenge.

“Reducing the average handle time and number of callbacks takes technology,” Martin says.

While consumers want the human component to be high-value, Martin explains that cobrowsing creates a rich high-tech, high-touch experience that can also speed up the customer service process. “It helps businesses connect with clients online or on any device with a single click,” he says.

Healthcare providers are also experimenting with one-way agent video. Agent video combines the call center experience with video technology to show customers that agents are available, present and eager to help.

In the interview, Tom notes the critical importance of high agent empathy quotients. Connecting with consumers and patients on a deeper level also serves to de-escalate calls.

“There’s a lot of self-service being pushed in the healthcare industry right now, but when a customer actually reaches a human being, you need to be able to connect with them where they are in the journey,” Martin says. “And also meet them wherever they happen to be — whether that’s on a desktop application, or browser on a mobile device.”

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