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Social media is a valuable tool for identifying influencers and activating and converting members of your audience. Twitter in particular is one of the most influential content and social media channels, blending a dynamic of your personal life and professional persona. Polish your profile, plunge into the Twittersphere, and marketing results accumulate over time.

Prior to sticking your neck out though, make sure your Twitter profile captures everything you want visitors to know about your personal and/or professional brand. Your pictures and description should align with what you, or your corporate mission stand for, as these things are the only constant when visitors check out your regularly updated page.
Once you’re happy with your profile, begin promoting content. Share your original pieces, curate other people’s writing, and retweet trending topics. Important points for social media promotion:
  • Use visuals: Tweets with visuals get more engagement.

  • Find the right time: The endgame is to get as much exposure and engagement as possible. Analyze the most happening time for your audience to maximize results.

  • Stay consistent: You are only as good as your last tweet. Businesses with inactive or spotty accounts will be interpreted as dead or dying. Results take time, so stay active over the long haul. It takes commitment, but you wouldn’t expect to go to the gym for a week and lose thirty pounds.

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