Three Important Customer Service Jobs Chatbots Won’t Replace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is destined to have a deep impact on several industries, yet there are certain jobs that chatbots won’t replace. Yet for the most part, the sweeping transformative effects of automation, machine learning, and other forms of advanced AI are slated to happen at some point in the future – a time best defined as “sooner rather than later.”

But that isn’t the case with all forms of AI. Some artificial-intelligence applications have already been an integral part of the business world for several years. Perhaps the best example is chatbots. In one form or another, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and countless customer-service departments have already deployed AI-driven chat technology.

To be sure, chatbots are a hot topic. According to a recent Juniper Research study, “chatbots will redefine the customer service industry.” The study contends that chatbots may even eliminate the need for human customer-service agents altogether.

However, the limitations and frustrations with chatbots are clear to anyone who has ever interacted with one. Implementing a chatbot may save a company money, but often at the expense of diminishing the user experience. It can quickly drive customers away, becoming costlier than the savings over the long haul.

Evidence points to the fact that while chatbots and automated voice systems can answer some questions, there are customer-experience roles they just can’t handle. And those roles happen to be incredibly important.

Discover the jobs chatbots won’t replace

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