How to Tame Customer Engagement Costs

Forrester Analyst Kate Leggett is an expert in customer service, customer experience technologies, and lowering customer engagement costs. She recently published a blog post regarding how enterprises can best utilize the vast number of communication channels available for customers to interact with a company. Customers move between these channels constantly and even use a variety of channels at the same time – like web and phone – when it makes sense.

Reducing customer engagement costs

In her article, Kate says:

We know that customers use self service as a first point of contact with a company, and if self service doesn’t work, typically only then will they call customer service. And, if customers are offered lower friction channels like chat or messaging, they will increasingly prefer to use those.

We also know that customers are using visual engagement like cobrowse, video or screensharing as it allows customers to quickly cut through conversation clutter, It also helps establish customer intimacy and trust during high-value purchases, like a mortgage or an insurance policy.

What does this mean for customer service organizations? They are drowning in inquiries and are reacting by adding staff year-over-year, despite the cost. But this strategy is not sustainable. They must reimage their operations, leveraging self-service and automation whenever and wherever possible.


Kate goes on to review a number of ways businesses can incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chat bots to improve the customer journey.

Learn more about how to rein in customer engagement costs

Ready to learn more about how to get a handle on customer engagement costs by using automation and other AI? Read the full article on the Forrester blog: Engagement Costs Aren’t Being Tamed: What Customer Service Should Do.

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