Forbes – How To Stand Out In A Bland Online B2B World


Online B2B businesses often have a reputation for being dry and bland. So what’s the secret to drawing the right visitors to your website? And with more than a billion websites to choose from, how can you possibly make yours stand out?

While there is no single answer, there are steps you can take to give your online B2B business more than a fighting chance.

Tips and Tricks to Make it in the Online B2B World

Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Network, authored this article in Forbes, providing actionable tips for online B2B companies. The tips include:

  • Be Helpful
  • Make it Interactive
  • Become a Resource
  • Add Live Resources

Of most importance in that list is the last point. That’s where the real money is made and where the high-value transactions take place. Holly’s thoughts around tools to use for live resources include:

  • Phone: Yes, it’s old-fashioned, but knowing there’s a real person to talk to takes the experience from impersonal to engaging. Phone is still a powerful tool.
  • One-way video: There’s something magical about seeing the agent you’re talking to. It transforms a voice into a real person and helps foster a deeper connection. One-way video is ideal, because then the prospect doesn’t have to worry if they’re in their pajamas or their hair isn’t perfect.
  • Visual engagement tools: Visual engagement tools like cobrowse and screen share allow you to share a view across a distance. Instead of describing to our prospects what our online B2B business does, we can show them and guide them through the process of using our solution. Full disclosure: My company both sells visual engagement tools and uses them every day in our own sales and customer service engagements. As a SaaS company that depends on online contact to grow our business, it’s an integral part of our customer engagement process.

Ready to read the entire article? Check it out here: How to Stand Out in a Bland B2B World.

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