Six Conferences To Attend For Unexpected Industry Insights

Forbes recently asked Holly Chessman, Glance VP of Marketing, about which conferences to attend for unexpected industry insights.

Attending conferences is a great way to learn new tips and tricks that can be applied to your marketing efforts. Even if the conference is seemingly unrelated to your industry, broadening your horizons can lead to unexpected insights.

From local TED talks to teacher conferences, you will find that everyone has a story and a “brand” to share. So if there’s an upcoming conference or event that piques your interest, take the time to discover the unexpected.

In this article, six communications executives from Forbes Communications Council – including Glance Networks VP of Marketing Holly Chessman – discuss the conferences they have attended in the past, and how the unique takeaways can be applied to communications.

The MA Conference for Women

Here’s what Holly had to say about the Massachusetts Conference for Women:

One way to raise women’s prominence in business is to provide a platform for their voices to be heard, like that offered by the Massachusetts Conference for Women. I attended this event and published an article about my experiences there. The piece drove traffic to my company and bolstered our positive reputation, proving the fact that people look beyond price when they decide who they want to work with.


Ready to learn more? Check out the full article: Six Conferences to Attend for Unexpected Industry Insights.

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