Shep Hyken’s Top 5 Customer Service Articles List


Every week, customer service leader Shep Hyken offers his readers five fantastic customer service articles to consume. On the week of September 11, 2017, two of the articles featured in this educational round-up shone the spotlight on Glance Network’s VP of Marketing, Holly Chessman.

Self-service vs live customer service

12 Ways To Keep Customer Interaction Alive In The Face Of Self-Service Technology Integration by Forbes Communications Council

(Forbes) With heightened consumer demand for automated self-service technologies, companies are answering the call and investing in do-it-yourself services. The potential for these DIY applications is growing, and companies like Delta are already integrating services such as biometric self-service bag drops in airports at increasing rates.

Shep’s Comment: It’s easy to lose a connection with customers when they opt for self-service or other support channels that potentially eliminate the human-to-human connection. Thanks for this great list of ideas.

Finding the truth behind customer experience myths

Believing These Five Customer Experience Myths Could Stunt Your Company’s Growth by Holly Chessman

(Forbes) Online businesses often find it challenging to stand out in the crowd. One great way to gain a competitive edge is to improve customer experience.

Shep’s Comment: What you think may be creating a better service experience for your customers may be driving them away. The customer service “myths,” as the author calls them, are actually mistakes that many companies are making. They are assumptions that could be driving customers to the competition.

More customer service articles recommended by Shep Hyken

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